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  1. Thanks Darin, Quote from the regulations. "4.12 Except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the host club/race committee, once an entry has been received, the entry fee shall be paid whether the competitor competes or not (unless the entry was withdrawn four weeks before the start of the event). Nonpayment may jeopardise entries being accepted in future MYA events." So as my request for a refund was outside the four weeks, I should have been entitled to a refund without caveats. So beware any skippers if you are not able to make an event you entered for, you need to withdraw, at least four weeks before the event if you want your money back. Kind regards Steve
  2. Hi, I entered the IOM Nationals this year, as most people did in February 2017 for an event at the end of August. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, I was unable to attend and emailed the event organiser over one month before the event to see if it would be possible for a refund. I was told that I would be eligible for a refund if someone else took my place, fair enough, at least two new names were added to the list. But I was told they were always going to go! So no refund! If I did not turn up or withdrew after the entry closing date I would not mind, but £50 is a substantial amount of money to just throw away. I do not want, or anyone else to be out of pocket if this situation occurs again in the future. Could Organisers not only stipulate an entry by date, but also a cancellation by date on the entry form? What is the MYA policy on refunds? Kind regards Steve
  3. Excellent response, answered my question fully. Thank you all. Steve
  4. Just for my own interest, does anyone know where I can find the definition of "The Zone". I have looked on the net but haven't come across an actual definition. I know it's 4 boat lengths in model yachting, but is it to the centre of the mark, or 4 boat lengths from the radius of the mark? In full size racing the size of the mark is small compared to the length of a boat, but in our world, especially sailing the smaller boats and using full size buoys, the difference could be significant. I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction! Cheers Steve
  5. Hi, I read the instructions like Mark did, and have sent Vinnie an email. My mail say's it was received but not read yet. I am sure there is a better way! Steve
  6. View of a skipper that has been to all but one of the ranking events over the last couple of years, one of a number that is helping towards the perceived problem. I agree with most, that why dramatically change a system that is obviously successful. A few tweaks are all that is needed. As I see it, one reason for the increase in numbers at the ranking events, is that Skippers are encouraged (forced) to enter all the ranking events in the calendar, because missing any could demote them in the ranking list. Currently if you miss (or have bad fortune) two of the double ranking events you only have three scores to count in that year, you currently need at least four. There are six Districts, if each year, each District held a Ranking event (could be combined with their own district championship) over one day (50 points) or two days (100 points). I prefer the two day events as these are less of a lottery than the single day events. As for the ranking list, add two more events so it’s the best 4 from 9. You potentially cut down travelling and costs, because you would be able to miss a couple of events without penalty. Some events will obviously be more popular, but the canny skipper may choose to travel to potentially gain more points, include in a holiday, skip because of illness etc. Also one of the District Rankings could be the Championships, open to everyone, over three days, worth 150 points for 1st (50 points per day, as above). If it's oversubscribed, use the current ranking list to seed the entries. Please excuse my naivety, but why do we have seeding races? Why not use the current ranking list for the first race? If there were six up and down, any newcomer or improving skipper would soon rise to their level of ability. From observation the seeding races are already seeded and more times than not the cream rise to the top anyway. Just a few thoughts to add to the mix. Cheers Steve Summary 1 x 1 day 50 points 2 x 2 separate days’ 50 points per day 2 x 2 day 100 points per event 1 x 3 day 150 points Best 4 to count from 9 events.
  7. Thanks Brad, All I need now is the list of events. Cheers Steve Yep just looked, Birkenhead not on the Club list.
  8. Thanks Darin, Could someone shed some light on how the points are accumulated? From what I have gathered each district nominates 6 events to count towards the Leagues? Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, Please could someone point me to this years MYA Club and Individual League results? I assume they are available as the winners were announced at the AGM! Secondly where can I find a list of counting events? Looking at previous years results in the Members area, there were very detailed records of individual and club points. But the last couple of years there has only been a list of positions. This is something that has been discussed down at the water but to be fair nobody has given me a definitive answer on how it works. Where can I find more info? Cheers Steve
  10. Hi All, Could someone recommend a permanent ink pen for signing sails. The signature on my sails has faded making it almost unreadable. I have contacted my measurer to get them resigned, no problem. But he says he has tried various makes of pen without success, they all fade over time. To help stop this problem from re-occurring, does anyone have a solution? Regards Steve
  11. Hi, (my first post) I had a similar request from a new member for the previous issue of Acquaint at our Club last Thursday (Sail Setting Part 1). I have lent another member mine to read. I have since had a look on the MYA site for past copies of Acquaint in digital format (pdf), I found some selective articles but not the whole magazine, then they seem to have stopped in 2012. I have not been sailing long so past Acquaints would be nice to read over the winter period. Basically have they been published? If so could someone point me in the right direction. Regards Steve
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