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  1. At Datchet we sail on a reservoir which has a sloping base, we decided that we need to adjust the line to suit when the water is inor out or adjust position of buoys to suit, so our lines are 24 meters long secured to a sinker which has a toggle on a 300mm spliced line secured to it. At intervals on the line we have spliced hoops just put the toggle through hoop to reduce line. In addition we use a block on a 300mm spliced line at each buoy and use a counter balance weight (old window sash) to take up the slack and keep the buoy line as straight as possible Simple solutions to varying dept
  2. The Marblehead ranking season kicks off at Woking in the M&S district, a preferred hotel for skippers to stay over night with beefeater inn adjacent. Ideal place to stay and catchup for the season opener Premier Inn-West Woking (A324) Bridge Barn Lane Horsall, Woking, Surrey GU21 6NL Link to Beefeater and Premier Inn http://www.pub-explorer.com/surrey/pub/bridgebarnwoking.htm
  3. Hi All Great post here for all to take on board, i have for a long time have supported the establishment of class association its the fundlemental move forward for growth in the UK for owners to be in total control of their class. I have spoken to Gavin over many months for a formation of a group of didicated individuals that can move this forward, the marblehead class will follow shortly after. The most important thought is this do we want class association and therefore the owners then take control? I for one will encourage that route 100%. Its the logical path forward for sucess of o
  4. Thought I would share an email I received from Graham Bantock on the new international class rules would are effective as of 1 July 2016. Terry Gentlemen, The 2016 versions of the Class rules and certification material are posted for viewing on the IRSA website. Marblehead http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/marblehead/class-rules Ten Rater http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/tenrater/class-rules A Class http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/a-class/class-rules There are also Guidance Notes designed to assist owners understand the how the revised rules will affect them
  5. results for M&S 10R District Championship attached 2016M&SChampionshipResultsCC2May2016.xlsx
  6. Hyde Parks Round Pond was the venue for this years M&S 10 Rater class championship where a committed group of 13 skippers presented themselves for this years event. PRO Charles Clark got things underway setting a windward/leeward course over 2 laps and from the outset is was Graham Bantock who meant business with a string of top place finishes. Other skippers to do well throughout the day were Hugh McAdoo, Richard Uttley and Colin Trower. Racing throughout the fleet was tight with wind shifts keeping skippers on their toes over the large course. After 17 Races with discards, it was B
  7. Firstly the currently ranking system is not broken however it's struggles with the volume of entries that have grown over the past year or to. A review is heathy and new ideas are good for the sport and our association. What is a ranking? It's all about perception and actuality depending on who you talk to. The UK ranking system was introduced a number of years ago when our GBR team did not do so well at a WC and discussion took place on how we GBR can improve our skippers and compete on an equal basis with the then international skippers. Those of us that compete within the ranking are ve
  8. Alex is a craftsman and very economical I just had my Quark repaired and a new raised bow added inline with the latest Quarks. John Shorrocks Quark was very badly damaged at the Chelmsford ranking cracked in several places and the tension on the jib pulled the deck up and away. Now fully repaired and he was sailing in C rig at datchet last Saturday.
  9. Hi John It was a shame that you had a low turnout but may be due to a number of issues, 1. Hampton Court event was well advertised and is part of the PRACC series and it was the first A boat event of the year 2. Easter Bank holiday weekend may keep a number of skippers away due to holiday etc. 3. It was also hot on the heels of the very busy IOM ranking weekend at West Kirby the weekend before and there were at least 7 A class skippers at that event that were not at Fleetwood I race an A class but only saw the prompt on the MYA website during the week and as I am away this weekend a
  10. Hi All Just enquiring how many of you would join Datchet Water Sailing Club where this years IOM Nationals were held. The proposed membership fee would be approximately £30/£50 plus affiliation what are your thoughts and how many of you would join this club to sail IOM, 10R, M and A class boats. Great venue lots of potential Sailterry
  11. Thank you all for your comments on this matter which was a difficult call from the race committees point of view, we did have a suggestion to DSQ both boats but I discarded that as you cannot without a hearing, the expire of the time limit was the unknown element thank you Lester for that clarity I totally agree with Gordon's comment on both boats close hauled and sailing for me it was a windward leeward situation which was masked by the actions of Boat A withdrawing his protest due to form incompletion etc and Boat B left in a situation of not defending his actions and we all believed time
  12. Hi Gordon Both boats were close hauled and contact was made shortly after B tacked to leeward of A and was sailing to the windward mark both boats were moving at the same speed close hauled. Boat A went off to complete the protest forms, boat B was informed, the time limit expired when Boat A withdrew protest due to unwilling to complete protest form. Race committee had an un resolved contact so both skippers were called. Boat A was insistent that he was the innocent party Boat B was ready for protest but time had now elapsed and was not given opportunity to present his case. Boat A deci
  13. Had a situation on an incident looking for guidance. During a race boat A windward and on starboard sailing to windward mark but outside of zone. Boat B was on port and tacked onto starboard but leeward of boat A again outside of zone to windward mark, boat A protest boat B for luffing and contact boat B maintained no luff my sails are full and sailing and boat A came down onto boat B and as windward boat should keep clear. Boat A protested twice both boats maintained their positions and no penalty turn was taken by either boat. Boat A protest boat B and the skipper of boat B was info
  14. Hi Graham You are correct on our willingness to have transparency however we have to fill the recent vacated positions of Publicity, Racing, Secretary and Treasurer positions but are following IRSA constitution to the letter and as a consequence we have to have a period of time to allow any additional nominations to be made before co option. We have notified all DNM via letter together with a copy of our current agenda advising of the resignations. One of the resignations also looked after the website and its access and we are currently reviewing that process as we speak but rest assured
  15. Hi Dave Glad you enjoyed the RM Ranking at Norwich the Marblehead fleet are generally very well mannered guess its due to the fact the boats are fast and like me tend to get of of trouble before I get into it unless I am on port and your on starboard oops. The Calendar has been arranged. As 2 2 day rankings and 2 1 day ranking its to get the fleet from up north playing with the fleet down south and vice versa, the 1 day events are located to help promote the fleets locally but the midland one is certainly there to allow those from the south and north to attend with a 2 hour max drive to
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