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  1. Registered No 3123 in April 2000 and still in great condition with two rigs. Superb Whirlwind sail winch and built by Dave Creed & Peter Wiles. Stub mast. Now in a garage in S Surrey after being hardly sailed at all for some 2-3 years. Offers around £350 and please phone 01962 886757
  2. Hi Jono I have only just seen your post and that you've not had a reply! Without doubt your best bet in my opinion is to go to your local or preferred RC Club and ask their advice. Your choice is likely to be influenced by transport space, cost, type of water on which you will sail, whether you want to race etc etc, so ask your Club but if they are unable to help by all means try here again. Good luck and welcome to RC sailing. Paul
  3. Hi Phil Trying very hard to step back and keep a sense of perspective about this thread, I have always found myself glazing over when Rule 17, 6, 12b gets quoted and lose interest quickly! My fault I know but I bet I’m not alone. I am much more motivated to refer to the Communication issue. So, in this context, another thing that makes me glaze over is being told to “look at the website” - and that’s not only re the MYA. I and many many others are not going to trawl through a website searching for things that I might find interesting. Again that’s probably poor on my part but it’s life nowadays. If an Organisation wants (really wants) to communicate with its members or shareholders or customers or whatever, then the messages it wishes to pass on must be sent (probably repeatedly!) to those recipients in a form they can digest. The days of sending paper via snail mail at a huge cost are hopefully over, so an emailed Newsletter seems a good start to me. Those members who don’t have access to emails for this process could get helped by their clubs passing on such communication. Finding suitable content for such a publication needs to be considered - but any suggestion that it is just not there must be ludicrous. So, I reached this broad conclusion about a year or so ago and to approach the MYA, get an apparently interested reply and then get silence for the next 9 months or so is very disappointing. I conclude that either the MYA does not really put communication high up its priority list or they do but they don’t want me to do it. Either option is up to the MYA of course. It’s also up to me to stop paying my sub at whatever level! Perhaps this might get aired at the AGM via some appropriate clause in the Rules? All the best. Paul.
  4. Hi Phil again Referring only to the Newsletter point about no news and nobody to distribute it, both are incorrect. The former is in my opinion the typical business response of a company losing touch with its customers/members etc and the latter is wrong because a member volunteered to do the job but, after a brief email chat, there has been no response from the MYA since January 2019! Clearly the MYA hierarchy does not want or value telling its members what’s going on. Very sad. Paul
  5. Thanks Phil for your most helpful and full response to the Sub question. It all makes financial sense to me but, although you mention the point in the early part of your reply, you don’t then deal with the dreadful communications that causes many people to draw wrong conclusions. How an organisation like the MYA can exist let alone prosper without some form of regular Newsletter or similar communication method defeats me. Acquaint sadly stopped ages ago and only a vacuum has replaced it which is pretty poor. Will this be addressed at the AGM? Thanks.
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