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  1. Hi Damian I guess if there were 3 skippers having trouble and 2 used Futaba, this might be right. But if there were 40 Futaba users in the event and 10 other brands, a different picture emerges.... Do you happen to know how many of the skippers were successfully using Futaba? My maths tutor always told us about the headline, "Dolphin saved my life". Yeah, he'd say, but how often do you hear of a swimmer returning saying, Damn dolphin killed me?
  2. Hi John Could you post a link to a page which explains how to do this, please? Many thanks!
  3. An early page of mine might be interesting. http://www.onemetre.net/Design/Bulbcant/BulbCant.htm
  4. The RG65 Class – from an IRSA perspective In Q&A form V1.1 To be posted on the IRSA Web site shortly Q Can the RG65 class have a world championship? Not as it exists at present. Some time back WS delegated responsibility for the international administration of radio sailing to IRSA and it is through this affiliation that IRSA is able to grant the right to run WORLD championships in the rc international classes. WS protects the right to call a sailing event a world championship – claiming an event is one when it is not sanctioned by WS or IRSA is a breach of the WS rules
  5. "the triangle it forms with the windward mark is the Course Side" I think not for E3.5 or RRS 29.1. In the "bad start 1" diagram, green is on the course side of the starting line. Outside the triangle, but on the course side. "Course side" is not a defined term in the RRS. So it has its "ordinary" meaning. It may be worth quoting the I, Z, or black flag rules. 30.1 I Flag Rule [...] any part [...] is on the course side of the starting line or one of its extensions during the last minute before her starting signal 30.2 Z Flag Rule [...] no part [...] shall be in the triangle
  6. Might be worth quoting the rule (smile)... RRS E3.5 Individual Recall Rule 29.1 is changed to: When at a boat’s starting signal any part of the boat is on the course side of the starting line [...] A purist might wish it said, "on the course side of the starting line *or its extensions*", but I think its meaning is reasonably clear as it is.
  7. A couple of points might be worth making. RRS A5 tells us that only the protest committee may take (other) scoring actions that worsen a boat’s score. So no, the RO does not have the power to DSQ anyone. Following an incident on the water, a protest from a boat, the Race Committee, or the Protest Committee *may* be made; a protest is not mandatory (RRS 60.1, 60.2, and 60.3). Where the Race Committee is aware of an unresolved incident, it is considered good practice in radio sailing in the UK for the RC to protest the boats involved for a (gross) breach of the rules (MYA Race Managem
  8. Alternatively, do not hail "I am out of control". Instead, use some other words, such as "I cannot steer" or "I have no way", or "I seem to be hooked up on some weed"... Hailing "I am out of control" invokes E2.3.
  9. Graham was asking about IRSA activities following the GA. News is given in a couple of places, particularly "http://www.radiosailing.org/main/administration/committee-reports/committee-reports.htm" http://www.radiosailing.org/main/administration/committee-reports/committee-reports.htm and "http://www.radiosailing.org/main/administration/committee-reports/committee-reports.htm" http://www.radiosailing.org/main/administration/committee-reports/committee-reports.htm We'll be calling soon for nominations to co-opt a Secretary, Racing Chairman, Publicity Officer, and Treasurer, and we'
  10. Might be worth mentioning that ISAF Case 125 in the 2013-2016 Case Book Supplement refers.
  11. I know that it is rather bad form to let the facts get in the way of a good argument, but there are a couple that might be worth mentioning. The late Ken Roberts (GBR) was the ISAF-RSD Regional Officer Oceania from 1999 to 2001. I don't know that anyone called that a farce. In any case, it is for the voters to make their choice, since there are two candidates for the office, and both sides have nominated a candidate accordingly. It is of course natural that, if regional representation is to continue, the representative should be from the region. However, CEEFIE have made no secret of t
  12. Hi MYA sailors, we know these newsletters make riveting reading, but sadly this is probably our last... Dear IRSA DNM Our seventh, and, we believe, last e-mail "newsletter" to you (parts will also be posted on-line). Voting There are some DNMs who may not be familiar with the procedures for voting at the 2014 GA as laid down by the IRSA Executive Committee. Your DNM vote will NOT count if you do not notify the Secretary of the details of your DNM GA representative. The deadline for this is 23:00GMT on 25th April 2014 – you have one more day if you are BEL, CAN, CZE, FIN, FRA, ITA,
  13. As election fever engulfs the DNM electors, we thought GBR sailors might be interested in the CEEFIE newsletter to DNM representatives on racing and event rules. Dear IRSA DNM Our sixth e-mail "newsletter" to you (parts will also be posted on-line). It deals with racing rules administration and event rules. We will seek to introduce procedures to yield the kinds of rules that radio sailors want. These will cover the effective management of the four-year cycle of Appendix E changes, as well as racing systems, event management, and competitor eligibility and ranking. We will seek to es
  14. As is becoming traditional, we thought GBR sailors might be interested in the CEEFIE newsletter dealing with the IRSA Executive Committee, sent recently to the IRSA Delegated National Members. Dear DNM This is our fifth newsletter to you, setting out our policy intentions for a better IRSA. The topic in this newsletter is our plan for developing the Executive Committee structure. Summary We will review the EC Administration and the EC committees and will make recommendations to bring the EC up to date and make it fit for purpose. While IRSA Membership, the DNMs, will continue to fo
  15. I thought that GBR sailors might be interested in the fourth CEEFIE newsletter we've recently sent to the IRSA DMNs. Dear IRSA DNM, This is our fourth e-mail "newsletter" to you displaying our combined determination to modernise and move the IRSA into a new era that we can all be proud to be a member of. Following are a range of very specific goals in terms of Class Administration we will be looking to implement should you elect our group into the IRSA Executive Committee. Class Administration: A Core Initiative From The CEEFIE Group While IRSA is responsible for the M, 10R, and A
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