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  1. novice sailor

    IOM Build

    Hi Paul very many thanks for that if you have no objections then I will send some photos and information as to how far I have got with the build Again very many thanks Nick
  2. novice sailor

    IOM Build

    Paul Very many thanks for your comment I appreciate all the help I can get, I will have to modify the jig a little., if it would be possible could you send me your email address then I could send you some photos, I can't see how to attache photos on the forum pages, not being a completely in to computers thanks again Regards Nick
  3. novice sailor

    IOM Build

    Hello I am currently building a one meter Nylet spirit MK3, having built a Vic Smeed Gosling In ply and balsa, Fiberglass is a little new to me. I have constructed a jig to hold the hull true. when I have the cross beams in and the fin box am I right in thinking that the deck can be fitted out of the jig Any one any thoughts
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