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  1. Thanks Bill i get the feeling that it may have gone through a rebuild at some point as the condition of the fitout looks too good to be original. Best Wayne.
  2. Hi 6M gang i have just purchase a 6m and have no idea what I have bought. boat is called Myrna and is a strip build with Braine steering as well as RC Anyone know any background on the boat? Thanks in advance Cheers. Waybe
  3. 2017 has seen the DF Racing UK Class association fully establish itself to continue the good work of the previous informal team of volunteers. The Year started with the inaugural on-line AGM of the Association where the initial Class Constitution was ratified by the Members as well as the appointment of the first team of executives. As these were the final requirements for the adoption by the MYA of the DragonFlite 95, the adoption of the ’95 followed on soon after through a vote by the MYA Executive. The Association took a stand at the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in March 2017
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