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  1. Yes it is a VANE 10r from the 1970's with 2 "Jones" Vane gears (made by Graham Elliot's Grandad) in the bag of assorted gear.
  2. Due to transport problems this boat is still for sale. The rigs (which are causing the problem) can be either in the box 2.3metres x 700mm x 100mm of in a rig bag. I can deliver to U.K. for expenses. Overseas shipping is circa £200 with only £50 insurance cover.
  3. Hi Gary, Sorry but you're now the 4th in line for the ROK. Sorry about that! Derek
  4. In this year of anniversaries, Fleetwood's 90th and the IOM Nationals 30th, the entries for this years event hit the 40's last night. Lots of NAMES are not yet on the list so, if you don't want to be dissapointed, GET YOUR ENTRY IN!!! so that you can join the party!!
  5. Yes, but I have 2 customers for it!
  6. As promised at the AGM, we received our first MYA newsletter at the weekend, and very good reading it is. Thanks to Paul Brooks for his first efforts. The success of this will be up to us the members to "send in your news", so please let us support Paul & make this work. Merry Christmas to all members. Derek Priestley.
  7. Entries are building for this "TWIXMAS" weekend with both days already into double figures. Last year the IOM event was a great tussle between walshy & Tushy with Walshy comming out on top. But you can be sure that JT will be out for revenge this year. So, if you want to be a part of it, GET YOUR ENTRY IN!!!!!!!!!!!! to Bob Jolly E-mail Address(es): bobjolly7@sky.com See you there. Merry Christmas from all at Fleetwood.
  8. It's that time of year again!! No not Christmas! ............... "TWIXMAS" when you get the chance to come to Fleetwood & race with World & National Champions, whilst being sustained & fortified with Bacon Butties , mince pies & mulled wine!! whilst racing your DF95 on Saturday 28th or your IOM on Sunday29th with a party at the Mount on Sat night! So, if you'd like to be a part of it, on one or both days, please send your entry details to Bob Jolly bobjolly7@sky.com and come & join the party. If you've only got one of the boats & you'd like to borrow the other, let me or Bob know & we'll arrange something for you. MERRY TWIXMAS!!
  9. John, I traveled a round trip of 424 miles to attend the day & I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. To those who had a journey of 1 hour or less & could have attended, you missed a great day. Derek Priestley President.
  10. How many DF95 can you get into your car????????!!!!! I have just loaded 15 in to my Rover 75 estate, including rig bags, a starter machine, and a small toolbox. I’m taking them to a race at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation Portland on Thurs. Tried to post pics but it won't let me!
  11. Any more info? I've just tried to google it & can't find anything. I'm just renovating an old IOM for club racing & this will do nicely.
  12. Mc SHEE IOM for sale. with 3 rigs in box, winch & servo. just add radio & batteries & go racing. Good club boat. Posted on behalf of Hugh Shields of the Greenock club. BOAT IS LOCATED AT FLEETWOOD. Further details from yottyderek@tiscali.co.uk or 07770641125
  13. Marblehead ROK for sale, in turquoise, in protective carry bag. A, B, C, rigs by BG sails C2 by Sails etc C3 by Potter. All on stiff carbon masts. all conventional no swing, in sturdy rig box. RMG winch & rudder servo fitted. 3 assorted stiff carbon fins & leads. Raced regularly, top 10 in Gouda worlds. won West Kirby Vets Championship. Measurement Cert. Just add TX RX & battery & you're off! £950. Located in Fleetwood but travel south often. 07770 641125
  14. Just watched the new promotional video. Great Job!! Thanks to all involved.
  15. We now have 14 entries for our DF95 day of our Twixmass Regatta at Fleetwood on Sunday 30th December. If you'd like to join us for some fresh air & fun, further details & entry list are on our Fleetwoodmy&pbc.org.uk website. Look forward to seeing you. Merry Christmas Derek P.
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