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  1. Accidents happen & most vane sailors accept this with good grace & there are always lots of people happy to help repair. I'm sure that we'd all be happy to see a few vintage boats racing in the centenary A week (2023) and I for one wouldn't mind if the forward most part of the hull was not "elastomeric"!! Good luck with your build & hope we'll see you at classic & vintage Marbleheads next year. Derek
  2. Hi Thierry, Glad to be of help. You'd be most welcome at Fleetwood any time but if you want to race in Vane A Week you need not travel so far, as due to its cancellation this year, A week is at Gosport in 2021. Best wishes with your boat Derek. p.s. how about some pics?
  3. Hi Thierry, No it's just a wire fork which is pressed into the tube with the velcro at right angles so that the wire is across pushing against the mast, & the velcro goes up & down and sticks to the strip of velcro which is attached to the mast. It looks quite primitive but it is used by about 60% of the Vane A fleet here!! D
  4. Hi Thierry. The spinnaker pole or Boom as we call it will be the same length as the J measurement on the boat. If the boat has deck manrk then measure between the mid mast mark to the mid mark at the front of the jib . The velcro is stuck vertically to the mast just above the gooseneck for about 2 " ( 40mm) The oposite type of velcro is fitted to the end of the boom between a wire fork so that as the boom is pushed to the mast it sticke. Voila!! Good luck Derek
  5. 14 boats arrived for Barts Bash at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club on Sat 12th September. It was a mixed class handicap race & competitors were encouraged to donate what they wished into a "Barts Bash" collection bucket. It was a beautiful sunny day with 15/20 knots of westerly wind blowing down the lake creating lots of waves. 1 Marblehead, 2 IOM's , 3 DF65's 2 Mustangs, and 6 R/C Lasers attended. The M, IOM's & Mustangs were one fleet & the Lasers & DF's were the other. The handicaps were arranged by sending the different boats around different length co
  6. Looks like the hull shape could derive from "Sunkiss" which I think went on to be "M-4-SIS" raced by Walter Jones from Birkenhead in the late 1960's it was a double ender later developed into "Vivacity" had a much deeper bow to carry a large spinnaker without nosediving.
  7. Hi Garry, Yes it took place but with only 13 boats entered on sat & 15 on Sunday it was an easy event to manage. On Sunday with 15 boats we assessed the risk of running 1 fleet with 2 more boats in it than the MYA's GUIDANCE and we decided that there was no problem with the wide open space around Fleetwood lake, and all competitors agreed so we did 16 races in one fleet in very challenging shifting winds. Lessons learned, The MYA GUIDANCE is just that GUIDANCE and we had all the precautions in place and had, I hope, a successful safe day.
  8. Entries are coming in nicely for this event. Get yours in if you want to be there! IOM OPEN EVENTS 29.docx
  9. Notice of Race – Not the IOM Nationals 29th & 30th August 2020 2 SEPARATE RACES All are welcome up to 28 boats!
  10. Notice of Race – Not the IOM Nationals 29th & 30th August 2020 2 SEPARATE RACES All are welcome up to 28 boats!
  11. Morning everyone, Life is going on!! And our sport must be one of the most healthy of all. Outdoors, fresh air, exercise, must be better for the health of our members than sat in front of the box!!? Lets get out there & get some responsible, social distanced, racing done!!
  12. Darin & all, I've never stopped supporting my local club, yesterday I was racing R/C Lasers. Sat I was fixing a new members IOM. Thurs night I was racing df65's tues I was racing df95's and last Sun I was racing IOM's until my boat broke! I'll be trying it again this comming sat.
  13. Hi John, We (Maureen & I) also planned attending many events, but have also saved lots not paying it to oil companies and hotel chains!! However, I fear that our sport will be the loser for it as I worry that some of our regular competitors will have found something else to do with their weekends? We must hope for the best when & if we return to normal, whatever that is.
  14. Phil, Your idea looks good to me We'll try that at Fleetwood when we're allowed back. Thanks.
  15. Hi Matt, Contact Martin Bandey of the Vintage Model Yacht Group VMYG who will almost certainly be able to help you. Good luck.
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