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  1. The wooden one certainly looks lovely I saw it the other day. Dave Andrews one was sailing very well when he brought it to 2 Islands a couple of years ago
  2. You would be pushed to get a footie in there
  3. Hi John, I am not positive on this but my tendency would be to go with Grahams mast position he is rarely much out Mike
  4. Dont have any photos but the trapper marblehead was a nice yacht for its time , generally in glass with a rounded deck , basically no sharp edges anywhere, wont be competitive now but will sail nicely also generally conventional rig.
  5. Mike Ewart

    Richard Ham

    not sure of design but it looks like an ex vane boat from the skeg
  6. Thanks to the Dartmoor club and all the competitors for a great weekend sailing, we were looked after very well by the club, cream teas, the sun shone and the wind was there, not in great quantities but sufficient, the skippers were competitive but fair, in fact at one incident at a windward Mark 5 yachts were called for contact and 5 of them did turns,it was like Strictly come dancing! Our congratulations must go to Graham Bantock for an immaculately sailed series , a worthy winner and great to see him with a six metre again
  7. Great days sailing a touch of everything in the way of wind a good taster for Dartmoor Nationals, thanks Shaun and the Fleetwood club
  8. Hi Guys and Gals, Don't forget the six metre nationals at Dartmoor, the closing date for payment is 24th August so please send your money off to Dartmoor club,
  9. Hi Ian our chairman is on hols, our Secretary is a little poorly and things aren't as well organised as usual but you can come and sail on my head be it
  10. Ian look forward to seeing you at the club as Shaun said we discussed the yacht, and certainly the Revival is a good light wind sailer, but I have seen them performing in stronger winds just need to reduce area early . The masters might require wedges or GB does a plastic fitting that goes in the spot and holds mast, I am at 2 Islands on Wednesday and could have a look, testing some things on my Gothica
  11. All being well will see you there
  12. Sorry bloody spellchecker, a Renault Kangoo is what I meant, could get a 6 metre sailbox in that
  13. I have a plain 35inch long swordsman hull with a brushless motor the line is 80 pound fishing braid I also have a nozzle around the prop to try and prevent the line being caught up, if you can get it floating line is the most effective, I have nearly 150 metres of line on a cheap fixed spool feel and a cut down old fishing rod
  14. Hi Richard, we have found the most effective way is to use the rescue boat to take a line out and found the casualty being the line back and then you can bring the casualty in by hand less likely to cause damage
  15. The Renault Man too and the fiat Citroen and Peugeot equivalents are very good for space in a smallish car
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