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  1. Mike Ewart

    Mike Ewart

  2. I would reccomend an RMG winch possibly with a self tensioning drum and the lines would be on a continuous loop there are pictures of this with the RMG winch instructions, there are other winches available like the PJ Sails one which would also do the job
  3. As no doubt somebody will say find a club near you and find out what they sail and when, sailing is a sport best done in company, also you should get advice and encouragement that way, the DR yachts are a good way in not too expensive, sail well and if you don't take to it a fair resale value
  4. Hi trying to get hold of 14 mms carbon groovy for a mast contact Peter Knigtly 0108 03782776
  5. Had a great day out in silly winds at the Bournville all comers today, surfing on a 2nd suit, thanks everyone who was there a great day guys
  6. Mike Ewart


    Hi all have a great Christmas and New Year, looking forward to a lot of travel with Christina (my six metre) this year from Fleetwood to Dartmoor and points between, as well as the usual jaunts out to the east coast, keep an eye on the calendar and come and join in Mike Ewart CC
  7. Well done, there is an open this Sunday at Lee Valley, would love to see you there
  8. Well compared to some of the other classes a competitive six is generally a lot cheaper, unfortunately they are a bit rare on the ground at the moment keep an eye on the Six Metre website
  9. Maybe it is time to consider do we want to remain an appendix e for ever, we could freeze the rules as is for model yachtsmen and women, and any modifications done on our schedules to suit our section of the sport, of course overseen by a representative body that understands the sport. I very much agree with what I take from Brads comments that the rules should apply to normal circumstances with SI changes for the special events
  10. Come and join the six metre fleet a bit more gentlemanly, or so we like to think
  11. Surely the more common call would be the starboard tack boat calling the port tack to hold their course, signifying that starboard is going to avoid him.
  12. If the choice is between scrum and dacron I would definitely go for scrim
  13. You must remember we are dealing with numbers which are much lower than I would think a decent cycling forum has, and loathe though I am I agree with David A in that your queries have been answered, a lot of us when we see a question has been answered and we agree with it will just leave it and avoid pointless embellishment
  14. Mike Ewart

    Boat wanted

    Keep an eye on the for sale section of the six metre website, as soon as Shaun or I am told of yachts for sale they go up there. I do not know of anything around at the moment but they do appear out of the lofts and garages every now and then.
  15. Unfortunately or fortunately depending who you listen to I would say you have a dilemma, what I would say is you can get a top competitive DF95 for a lot less than a good not even a top IOM, but it is worth looking at how often they sail each class and when then you can see what suits you better
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