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  1. Credit to Damien and Dave H, a very nice yacht made even better because she is a six metre, sailed well in a good range of conditions at Fleetwood yesterday, from outward appearance I couldn't tell she was printed, roll up and get your piggy banks out this is it appears the way to go for small numbers of yachts, Damien is happy to build them for you
  2. Mike Ewart

    Sheeting Out System

    I wouldn't think there is a problem with putting some elastic on the main but I expect to be shot down
  3. Suitable for A class classic , nice looking yacht
  4. Just listed on ebay from the Cheltenham area Avocet, looks very much like a six metre, possibly a dolphin based yacht, worth a look, also a large and heavy A class, both look like good classics for refurb
  5. Think it's a tias, definitely a light one, but unmeasured and will require a bit of work to get her measured, new rudder in a new position but something for the winter
  6. For those of you who have not sailed at Fleetwood, do come along if is a glorious place to race sixes, and others, but I think ideally suited to sixes and A s
  7. Hi I am using a 380 rm g on my Sword and 2 whirlwind on Sonamara, but I was using a 290 rm g on my Gothica just get the small drum on the winch and use a decent amount of travel you should be Ok, PJ Sails also do a winch to suit an A class
  8. Do get her out on the water, we are looking at someway to encourage the older designs back onto the water, I am sorting out my Sonamara, she is only competitive in a blow as are a lot of the older designs. please contact me directly reference the six metre as we are compiling a n owners listing for the COG. All six metre skippers will need to contact me to get on the list and give permission to be included on the listing
  9. Come on John surely you can squeeze a couple of PRACC races in there?
  10. go round the outside and leave them all behind, occasionally you will get caught out on the inside with no water , duck the mark and go round the outside it really does pay in the long run
  11. The wooden one certainly looks lovely I saw it the other day. Dave Andrews one was sailing very well when he brought it to 2 Islands a couple of years ago
  12. You would be pushed to get a footie in there
  13. Hi John, I am not positive on this but my tendency would be to go with Grahams mast position he is rarely much out Mike
  14. Dont have any photos but the trapper marblehead was a nice yacht for its time , generally in glass with a rounded deck , basically no sharp edges anywhere, wont be competitive now but will sail nicely also generally conventional rig.
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