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  1. Hi Ian I have also looked at this and wondered it looks reminiscent of John Lewis's challenge from the 70s but not sure
  2. Looks nice but why didnt you make it measure as a six or an A the true test of any performance is in comparison to others by an approved measuring system
  3. larry read the previous note all Members shall have a vote, not all Members shall vote. Quite a difference
  4. Chris you are reading it wrong, a Member shall have a vote, it does not say the Member shall use that vote, but if he does use the vote the club shall report it. Quite clear, it actually means if you feel that you want to use your vote it will be counted not lost in your clubs block vote a quite important part of democracy I think
  5. Hi I am sure Oliver also did a 1 1/2 metre yacht not too many made but sailed nicely intended I think as a one design class
  6. Bill Green is the six metre A class registrar
  7. Mike Ewart

    A on Ebay

    bit pricey to st the least
  8. Hi it is generally held that the longer , that is deeper , fin will give more fighting moment, most people reduce sail area as the wind strength increases
  9. I used a trim tab net frisky but I use spectrum and they have a 3 position switch, I tied fairs settings but the only one I found any good was At one 3 to 5 degrees
  10. Johns book does have some interesting designs with brief notes on why he went the way he did but, seriously the A is to me one of our most underrated classses, it does not need to be modern it can vary in weight from less than 10 kilos up to 19 or 20 kilos, and they certainly are so graceful on the water, there are some very pretty designs out there and when you consider the cost of a top one metre the A is a cheap boat, I am an ex International Canoe sailor and the A and the 6 ( my other love) are very similar.
  11. Richard, I would say that a removable fin and a tin box would be.my preferred route it makes it much easier to change things in the future, apart from my humble opinion GB nearly always used a fin box, imitation/flattery
  12. A litt!e aside John Lewis in s design book said Gabrielle 1000 sq in stoke for an A kind you designs then we're a fair bit heavier
  13. Just having a look at the lines of Moby Dick, very pretty but might suffer if measured as a 6 but should be a nicely mannered yacht
  14. Hi Richad, from tabs are allowed but my personal feeling is that they really only seem effective on long legs to windward, that's a personal thing,but you for one and you don't like it just don't use it
  15. Hi Richard right been out and about with the tape measure ,my fine are from a renaissance and a Ravenna and both are fitted into fin boxes, total dimensional of fin 60mms long bottom of fin 290 mms long, from hull to top of lead 80 mm, length at base of hull 223 mm. the leads are .com Sails egg and are both the original shape, I believe there is a drawing on their website. do remember the draught of the yacht is set by the measuring and Carrie a high penalty in the titular so you do not want to exceed this it is determined by the overall length and the weight, I th will we some flexibility in fin depth and weight to get the best t r whatever design you have, what is it by the way. sorry it is not more straightfrward, but the penalty of this rule am a and the most of the older designs change compete with the newer designs
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