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  1. Please can any GBR IOM skipper who would like to attend the IOM Worlds 2015 at Forster city CA please get in contact with me as soon as possible. This includes anyone who has not already been contacted for being in the top 20 of the ranking list Email me at robwalsh25@sky.com
  2. This was received from IRSA today Rob Walsh MYA International officer Dear Members, As part of our transparency and communications goal, this notification is being sent out for your information. After a period for review of proposals and associated information, the Executive Committee of the IRSA has now entered into the period of the formal meeting. The published agenda and news updates on the proposals, proposals to amend etc. can be found at the IRSA site here: http://www.radiosailing.org/main/index.htm Feel free to pass this information on to all interested members an
  3. Notification Of Process Calling For Nominations To IRSA Positions. Dear IRSA National Members and IOMICA Executive. Following is the procedure for the call for nominations for 3 EC positions and members of two key committees. Please note the 31st August end point for nominations. Also, as part of our “accuracy initiative” could you please respond to this email immediately to allow me to tick you off on our list of correct connections. As you know emails and officers change reasonably regularly and we want to make our correspondence with you in the future as accurate as possible. As well,
  4. In light of the recent IRSA elections and results being posted. The MYA council would like to be as transparent as possible with the membership. With this in mind here is how Council voted on behalf of the membership Lester Gilbert Chairman Federico Moreno Vice Chairman Richard Rowan General secretary/Treasurer Nigel Winkely Racing Chairman Graham Bantock Technical Chairman Terry Rensch Organisation & Policy Chairman Robert Hobbs Publicity Officer Jim Atkinson Regional officer Americas Matteo Longhi Regional officer Europe Selywn Holland Regional officer Oceania Rob Walsh MYA I
  5. The results of election of officers and motions has been published on the IRSA site Those who would like to see the results can do so by following this link http://www.radiosailing.org/main/administration/general-assembly/GA-2014-main.htm Rob Walsh MYA International Officer
  6. To IRSA Membership IRSA EC COMMUNIQUE 28th April 2014 April 2014 By now you should all be about to submit your ballot papers on the various agenda items requiring your vote and have set up communication with the General Secretary (Richard Rowan) to enable you to participate in the 2014 General Assembly starting 4th May 2014. We would appreciate it if you consider the following before completing the ballot paper for Agenda Item 11 Election of Officers. 1. Since the 2009 General Assembly IRSA was born and the constitution has been developed discussed and amended with ISAF and the IRSA
  7. To IRSA Membership The IRSA Executive Committee would like to advise our Membership that we will not be derailed by CEEFIE, and will continue to concentrate on the remaining all important task in the current 2 year cycle, namely the staging of the 2014 General Assembly. This task will be carried out in accordance with our constitution, and although, on the surface it looks like an easy process, combining the experience gained from the 2012 GA with new ideas means that the organisation of this forthcoming electronic meeting is becoming an interesting challenge. The current Executive Com
  8. This is a copy of the responce from the current IRSA exec to CEEFIE To IRSA Membership 9th December 2013 Re: CEEFIE Manifesto Signed by Lester Gilbert and Graham Bantock The IRSA Executive would like to inform all our Association Members that a Manifesto under the title of “CEEFIE Candidates for IRSA Elections” has been prepared and signed by Lester Gilbert and Graham Bantock and will be doing it’s rounds with the intention of gaining your support prior to the upcoming IRSA General Assembly in 2014. It is unfortunate that these well known fellow Radio Yachtsmen have taken to denigrati
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