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  1. Hi John, Why not post your own "virtual" trade show, I'm sure that the members would really appreciate a video of what you have planned for 2021 and the suppliers section of the forum is just the place.
  2. More bad news for you John, the trade show has been cancelled due to social distancing concerns.
  3. Hi John/Derek, I know that the council are very keen to ensure that we can get back to competitive racing as soon as possible and are working on guidance documents. Like Derek I am concerned that some of our members may find other activities but I also see that we have a fantastic opportunity to place club sailing back at the front of everyones mind, and if we all support our local clubs we can individually do something to encourage our friends and mates to come out to play. I see that clubs are starting to organise regular sailing and if we all join in (socially distanced of course)
  4. Guys, The MYA spoke to the RYA on Friday, and the announcement about team sports had come as a surprise to them and they were evaluating the situation as are the council. Once the council has done this the RYA are our route to approval from the government for the resumption of competitive radio sailing in larger groups. At this stage it is Still up to each club to assess its own risks and compliance with their national government’s guidance and the subsequent format and numbers involved. Darin
  5. The doc below from the RYA is a good read and clearly laid out (although you need to adjust to national guidance) Updated today - 08.07.20 RYA C19 gov guidance QAs.pdf
  6. Thanks All, Some good information here, will post what I end up making- and if it works!
  7. So, finally decided that I’m going to build a roller mast bending jig. I’ve got my wheels via the next people at Amazon, but now have to decide how far apart to set them? The middle wheelbwill go up and down vertically to adjust the bend and Im thinking that the further apart the softer the curve but presumably too far and there are other problems? Any thoughts or tips? Darin
  8. Hi, I think that Tim has the right to ask the question regarding the fees like any other member on the forum. and responses should be fair and understanding (with a little humour;)). It is worth noting that the MYA fees are not impacted greatly by the lack of racing as any race levy goes into the MYA racing fund for the use by the MYA Racing Officer. This is intended to support the racing community without putting a significant financial burden on the general membership. With regard to the MYA subscription fees, they cover the base administration costs plus technical matters and
  9. Please read the post on the MYA website, this role needs filling by the class. https://mya-uk.org.uk/iom-class-captain-note-may-2020/
  10. Hi, Extract from the recent MYA newsletter. I think that important line is the final sentence, as this sets out that club sailing will be at the clubs descretion and local planning should take place based on government guidance. Although I hear and read lots of "noise" in the press I suspect that this Sundays' announcement from the PM will not allow us to start racing next week!
  11. I am sure that clubs have been having this discussion from day one of lockdown. The precautions that will be put in place will no doubt be different for each club and event but until their is guidance and recommendations I am not sure what we as members can do? I know that all members are keen to get back sailing and hopefully club sailing can resume at the earliest time but whatever format we use social distancing will be difficult to manage when the “red mist” of competition kicks in.
  12. More sad news for 2020, but good news that 2021 is looking like a bumper sailing year
  13. Hi Toby, Trying to get into the club zone (without success) but it does say that the class associations are currently notcovered with virtual regatta, although the RYA are in discussion.
  14. Lots of questions that others will be able to expand on but: 1. The radio sailing community has a say on the RRS via the IRSA and proposes amendments to the relevant WS committee. 2. Without the use of an international body like WS there would be different localised rules which would inhibite any international events and growth of the sport. 3. Why reinvent the wheel, the RRS cover almost all of the elements we encounter and the Appendix E deals with the variations we need; just imagine the wasted time and differences of opinion if we tried to organise them oursleves!
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