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  1. https://mya-uk.org.uk/kbtopic/classes-equipment-and-measurement/
  2. Hi Alf, Many results are posted on the website; but they should also be available on the district websites for district events and the class websites for ranking and nationals. National Championship results are also added to the MYA website as an archive but this is usually at the end of the year. https://mya-uk.org.uk/mya-national-championship-results/ Note: Austin posts all of the reports and results that he receives when he gets the opportunity. Darin
  3. Seems that we have a misunderstanding here, maybe because we are typing and not talking over a pint. My interpretation of Brads comment is that the rules are the rules but the implementation and transference from full size to radio sailing need to be understood. As the MYA RO I see one of my responsibilities to ask for and consider comments from events, many are quick to tell me what is wrong but there are only a few who actually put their comments on paper, and as such I thank Brad for this. As I said I don't see the start penalties need amending, and in fact it is not our role or position to amend them, but like Brad I have been to events where the RO uses the starting penalties to "hide" the fact that the start line is wrong. Sometimes this is beyond their control, but occasionally it is due to their lack of understand of why boats are bunching or struggling to slow their boats down in the final seconds before the start. It is also important that everyone understands the current scoring implications of using BFD, something that the race regs team have been discussing for a while. This is in no way a criticism of the volunteers who allow us to race but a recognition that the start line and the start have a big impact on the racing we do, whether at club or international level. Fair racing at all levels requires a fair start giving equal opportunity and usually the best way to identify this is how the skippers treat the start, if they bunch at one end, or all end up at one end it will normally indicate that the line needs adjustment. The best lines will allow 95% of the fleet the chance to win, not onw where only 5% can win. The hardest part of any solution is how we give guidance to the race team volunteers. One way is to be prescriptive and give a set starting sequence,;2 general recalls, 1, round the ends and then black flag. The other is to give the race team discretion, unfortunately either way will create problems if the team do not understand the reasons why the skippers are struggling. The answer has to be in some simple training on setting a start line and then identifying the issues and options to creating fair racing. This where I think we need to consider the difference between full size and radio sailing. I have been to a few international events and I would say that the influence of full size management of starting penalties is better understood by the GBR race teams than some of those I have seen run these international events. My final point would be that we need to look at the sport as a whole because a lot of what happens at local level comes from observation of the highest level, race management, skipper behaviour, along with current designs are often taken from National Championships and implemented at club level. None of the above is a criticism of Peter and his team at West Kirby, just observations. Darin.
  4. You are in luck, Lincoln Radio Sailing Club sail out at Thorpe On the Hill. Check out their website and pop along, they sail on Sundays, but usually someone around on Wednesdays. https://lincolnradiosailingclub.wordpress.com/2018/01/04/lincoln-radio-sailing-club/ Darin
  5. For those who may have heard of this but are not sure what it entails; its just a day of fun racing at which participation, fun and fund raising are more important than the winning. If you are interested in joining in and have a radio sailing boat and a few friends then more details can be found on the MYA website: https://mya-uk.org.uk/barts-bash-the-biggest-little-boat-bash/ If you are a member of a full size sailing club why not invite some skippers to have a go, any RC sailing boat will do and they dont have to use the latest equipment. If you are holding an event please add it to this thread and we will try to keep everyone informed. Any questions please add them below. Darin
  6. From our President: Who's up for joining in with the "Biggest little boat Bash" now that we, the MYA, have been invited to join the "biggest yacht race in the world" You will see that our logo ranks alongside all the others on the Andrew Simpson sailing Foundation website for the event. So we need to support it. We at Fleetwood are kicking off the afternoon at 1.30 with a boat jumble, then the race using RC Lasers, and finishing with Afternoon Tea in the clubhouse. All are welcome you don't need a boat, we've got lots! Min donation £5.00 If your club is not playing come & join us!
  7. Well, after a long wait the 2019 Nationals is over, two great days with conditions that required almost all of the rigs; it never got to B2 conditions, but that was Ok as I dont have a B2 rig! I thought the race management was excellent, despite the best efforts of the wind and weather and I thank all of the race team , Birkenhead Club for their efforts and West Kirby SC for making us feel so welcome. Its going to be a great venue for the 2020 Worlds, keep your eyes peeled for more on that.... From my point of view it was great to see the variety of competitors and boats who were there and see that the age of the boat was not a major factor in the fun factor or competitiveness. If you want to know more about how to get into the class take a look on the Marblehead Class website, there's information and tips on how to find out the next events and the great "pimp my marblehead" series whihc helps you get the most outer of an older design. Anyone else enjoy themselves?
  8. At the recent 10R and M nationals there were a number of radio issues. The reasons for this appear to be varied but from what I could see it related mainly to the low walkway- salt water-large waves and carbon fibre hulls. The only solution for some was to pull the antenna outside of the hull and leave the bare end pointing up, but this didnt work for all. Does anyone have any thoughts to a better solution?
  9. You don’t have to hit someone to protest them,its simple, avoid contact and then protest the boat in the correct manner. If they do not accept the hail then hold a protest hearing. no point in complaining about the conduct and doing nothing. The rules and process are there. Having said the above we also have to accept that we are in a competitive sport and mistakes and contacts do take place and we should accept when we are in the wrong and take our penalty turns without hesitation.
  10. Velcro the receiver to the side of the pot, that way if any water gets in the pot it is not sitting in water.
  11. Ian, if you login and tap on the avatar/name you will see the real name of the member. Darin
  12. Hi Anthony, The system used in the UK is that the sail number will be the last two digits of the boat registration No. This should be identified on the inside of the hull if registered in the UK as GBRxxxx, and also on the deck - usually a set of 20mm high stick on numbers, again GBRxxxx If the boat is not registered in the UK then you can get a number from the IOM registrar, currently Nick Cowern, (need to be an MYA number for this) and then apply this to the hull as per the class rules, which he can advise you on. Always worth getting a check measurement done on a "new to you" boat for piece of mind. Final option is that you can get an MYA personal sail number (PSN) which for a small fee will allow you to use the same number on all your sails- i.e. move them from one boat to another, or on different class of boats. The boat still needs to have a registration number but you can have a PSN certifciate which allows you to use your own PSN, again the PSN is only available as a benefit of being an MYA member. Darin
  13. Hi Henry, My view is that just because something is free does not mean it has no value, without volunteers such as yourself and others over many years the MYA would not be the valued association that it is, I do agree that value of membership and bank balances have no relationship. If we are to secure the sports long-term future, even if this is as a niche part of something else, then we may have to provide financial sureties or guarantees that would take years to collect; it has taken 7 years to build up modest balances after all Darin
  14. The selected VP's view, and presumably that of their clubs and members on whose behalf they proposed the fee amendment obviously places little value on the time and effort that the volunteers throughout the MYA put into ensuring that the sport thrives in the UK. To place a value on being affiliated to the MYA purely on the amount of surplus in the bank is wholly wrong and places little value on the 100 + years of history, the club structure, district structure, technical expertise, national racing calendar, ranking system, district racing calendar, race teams, measurers, registrars, class captains, district councillors, MYA council, website, forum, social media, secondhand market, I could go on. If the surplus was £100k then there could be a discussion to be had, but at this time the surplus is circa twice the annual fixed cost of running the MYA without any future planning for projects or funding taken in to account and by constantly wishing to keep the affiliation fee at rock bottom the Vp's are doing nothing towards a successful future that presumably as previous hard working council members they hope for the MYA. As a wise group once said " Something for nothing has little value to the recipient"
  15. Fantastic news for Radio Sailing in the UK. IRSA World Championship 2020 - Press Release.pdf
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