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  1. Hi Roger, Writing in a personal capacity. A lot is made of the fact that the MYA is an association of clubs, yet the majority of items that the MYA council spend time on relate to the individual. My experience has been that when a club comes to the MYA looking for help or guidance, the response is less than ideal; whether it be health and safety, discipline, funding or general club advice, the MYA council has been inconsistent and lacking in clarity. Why is this? It's not because of apathy, or lack of effort, but the council is trying to do too many things for too many people, with too few, mainly racing or individual related which leads the council members into areas of opinion and possible conflict. The primary object of the MYA should be to promote Radio and Free Sailing To do this we need to provide the guidance and resources to our clubs to help the MYA at a local level. - Without the clubs, none of us can go sailing..... To move forward the MYA needs to stop looking at what was good before and acknowledge that it cannot control all of the classes, or get involved with detailed technical class rule debate, or promote the interests of any particular group, it needs to let the individual owners get stuck in to their areas of interest and just keep hammering out the same message, come and have a go, its great. This is why in my opinion the sport needs to release as much of the class based discussion and control to those who are interested in their classes, thus focussing the council in to providing items for the clubs. If we release the classes, they get to flourish and the MYA can be sustainable with a slimmed down council. If they dont flourish it should not be down to the MYA to promote them over other classes that the members wish to sail. In the same respect the MYA should not hold a class back because it is focussed on another area for a period of time. I have a different view to you on two of the regulation areas (these are my view and not necessarily the only or correct view ) 1. Disciplinary: It is all well and good stating that the RYA Charter covers everything, but our member clubs want support, not to be told to go and read a charter. A clearly defined process allows them to know the procedure, and also shows them the ultimate route and outcome should they, or others, not behave in a suitable way to other MYA members. This is about personal conduct and being part of the MYA "family" as much as racing rules and gives a route to resolving disputes which are not sailing related; which in my opinion are the most toxic ones for the clubs. 2. Fee Setting: Many of our club members want to help us in getting fees in by the end of December, but struggle when they cant set their fees until they know the MYA fees, and only get to know these at the AGM. The solution to this is difficult, but changing the date of the AGM is not really practical, so the best solution (IMO) is to set the fees earlier and putting this out with the notice of the AGM gives clubs chance to discuss this, include this in their own fee discussions, or propose an alternative via a motion. This probaly makes little difference but at least the council have to consider the budget and the clubs know the proposed fee before the AGM motion date. Personally I would have included a clause that allows the council to set the fee annually with an increase of up to RPI without needing to bring it to the AGM, but maybe this would have had some detractors. Just my thoughts. Stay Safe Darin
  2. Guys, The MYA spoke to the RYA on Friday, and the announcement about team sports had come as a surprise to them and they were evaluating the situation as are the council. Once the council has done this the RYA are our route to approval from the government for the resumption of competitive radio sailing in larger groups. At this stage it is Still up to each club to assess its own risks and compliance with their national government’s guidance and the subsequent format and numbers involved. Darin
  3. The doc below from the RYA is a good read and clearly laid out (although you need to adjust to national guidance) Updated today - 08.07.20 RYA C19 gov guidance QAs.pdf
  4. Thanks All, Some good information here, will post what I end up making- and if it works!
  5. So, finally decided that I’m going to build a roller mast bending jig. I’ve got my wheels via the next people at Amazon, but now have to decide how far apart to set them? The middle wheelbwill go up and down vertically to adjust the bend and Im thinking that the further apart the softer the curve but presumably too far and there are other problems? Any thoughts or tips? Darin
  6. The last chunk of changes to the constitution were via an EGM. I remember, because I was sat in the premier Inn in Birmingham waiting for the rush, luckily, we hadn’t booked the big room! Although on council, I was not part of the review team for 2020 but appreciate the time and effort they have put in and have agreed to this revision being put out to a vote. It may not be perfect, but nothing ever is, it is a compromise based on the views of a number of people as all the constitutions have been, and the more you try to cover the views and opinions of everyone the more confused the constitution becomes. Personally I don’t see the fuss around the voting proposal as it seems much clearer to me, but I have been on council for a while and therefore have insight into the discussions and confusions the current constitution brings. What we need to keep sight of is that we are all members of the MYA and none of us want to do anything other than continue to make our great sport better and encourage others to have a go. They will then possibly get the some of the enjoyment that we do from it. Constant squabbling over the small details loses sight of what we all want. More members, more boats, more racing.....
  7. Hi Peter, All AGM and EGM information is in the members area of the website-this goes back to 1968 ( with holes!)
  8. Hi Robert, "6. I think there is a possible direct conflict with a MYA Council Member also being an officer of IRSA , but the MYA Council does not think there could be a problem with this situation." I know that this has been a concern and a clause was inserted in to the MYA constitution a few years back to stop someone being involved, but personally I dont feel that the sport is big enough to exclude volunteers from contributing at many levels and including clauses that have many exclusions just put barriers up rather than encourage people to get involved. Stay safe Darin
  9. Hi Peter, "Shall" is mandatory- clear "I presume" is in answer to the mechanics of getting a club to participate in a vote, not in the wording of the proposed constitution. The proposed constitution is clear- IMO
  10. Hi Ian, Section 5 of the document states the Language, therefore in this case "shall" is mandatory. Stay Safe
  11. Hi David, I had to check the current constitution, but as I read it the only difference between current and proposed is in 9.12 which has changed from "may" to "shall". I take it to mean that each club shall send in a voting return, even if this is to abstain. How to police this is another matter... but i presume the idea is that the DC's will be encouraged to contact their clubs and these clubs will be encouraged to give their vote. Which regard to 9.11 The current states: (e) The votes of an affiliated club may only be cast by a duly appointed representative who shall be an Affiliated Member and either a member of the affiliated club who presents to the meeting an authority signed by an officer of the affiliated club, or an officer of the club. The representative shall exercise one vote for each Affiliated Member of the club. I am not sure whether this intends that each club sends in 20 for, 3 against and 10 abstains, but I think that the assumption has always been that the club votes as a block and the clubs internal voting structure deals with which way the representative is requested to place the clubs votes. I suspect that this is the intention of the proposed document, may be Phil H can clarify this? Stay Safe
  12. Hi, I think that Tim has the right to ask the question regarding the fees like any other member on the forum. and responses should be fair and understanding (with a little humour;)). It is worth noting that the MYA fees are not impacted greatly by the lack of racing as any race levy goes into the MYA racing fund for the use by the MYA Racing Officer. This is intended to support the racing community without putting a significant financial burden on the general membership. With regard to the MYA subscription fees, they cover the base administration costs plus technical matters and any promotional items that are undertaken, so although there has been no racing in the period from March to June the costs of running the association are still there. As a member of the council I know that the Treasurer and council members are looking at the costs for 2020 and how this may impact on the fees for 2021, and also looking at how the MYA can help clubs and their members to encourage people back to sailing in 2020/ 2021 and promote our great sport. Darin
  13. Please read the post on the MYA website, this role needs filling by the class. https://mya-uk.org.uk/iom-class-captain-note-may-2020/
  14. Hi, Extract from the recent MYA newsletter. I think that important line is the final sentence, as this sets out that club sailing will be at the clubs descretion and local planning should take place based on government guidance. Although I hear and read lots of "noise" in the press I suspect that this Sundays' announcement from the PM will not allow us to start racing next week!
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