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  1. Ian, if you login and tap on the avatar/name you will see the real name of the member. Darin
  2. Hi Sean, Replying for Derek Priestley. I am interested in this, can you please send me your contact details. Derek Priestley my email is yottyderek@tiscali.co.uk
  3. Hi Anthony, The system used in the UK is that the sail number will be the last two digits of the boat registration No. This should be identified on the inside of the hull if registered in the UK as GBRxxxx, and also on the deck - usually a set of 20mm high stick on numbers, again GBRxxxx If the boat is not registered in the UK then you can get a number from the IOM registrar, currently Nick Cowern, (need to be an MYA number for this) and then apply this to the hull as per the class rules, which he can advise you on. Always worth getting a check measurement done on a "new to you" boat for piece of mind. Final option is that you can get an MYA personal sail number (PSN) which for a small fee will allow you to use the same number on all your sails- i.e. move them from one boat to another, or on different class of boats. The boat still needs to have a registration number but you can have a PSN certifciate which allows you to use your own PSN, again the PSN is only available as a benefit of being an MYA member. Darin
  4. Hi Henry, My view is that just because something is free does not mean it has no value, without volunteers such as yourself and others over many years the MYA would not be the valued association that it is, I do agree that value of membership and bank balances have no relationship. If we are to secure the sports long-term future, even if this is as a niche part of something else, then we may have to provide financial sureties or guarantees that would take years to collect; it has taken 7 years to build up modest balances after all Darin
  5. The selected VP's view, and presumably that of their clubs and members on whose behalf they proposed the fee amendment obviously places little value on the time and effort that the volunteers throughout the MYA put into ensuring that the sport thrives in the UK. To place a value on being affiliated to the MYA purely on the amount of surplus in the bank is wholly wrong and places little value on the 100 + years of history, the club structure, district structure, technical expertise, national racing calendar, ranking system, district racing calendar, race teams, measurers, registrars, class captains, district councillors, MYA council, website, forum, social media, secondhand market, I could go on. If the surplus was £100k then there could be a discussion to be had, but at this time the surplus is circa twice the annual fixed cost of running the MYA without any future planning for projects or funding taken in to account and by constantly wishing to keep the affiliation fee at rock bottom the Vp's are doing nothing towards a successful future that presumably as previous hard working council members they hope for the MYA. As a wise group once said " Something for nothing has little value to the recipient"
  6. Fantastic news for Radio Sailing in the UK. IRSA World Championship 2020 - Press Release.pdf
  7. Fantastic news for Radio Sailing in the UK IRSA World Championship 2020 - Press Release.pdf
  8. Afternoon David, No email from you on the 22nd, but I did respond to Bill when he asked me about the ratification - he said he would pass this on. I have received the RO report, thanks, should have acknowledged receipt- apologies, look forward to the financial return, copy of HMS and Trophy declaration forms to close out the event. Darin
  9. Doesn't matter whether it is full size or RC, 90% of the sailing fraternity will only ever need to know a fraction of the RRS, and in most instances, in full size, they will only need to know port and starboard as avoiding a collision is the biggest consideration at club level. In RC we tend to feel we need to use the rules because we have more incidents and observers to note these incidents, and invariably both parties are trying to use the rules to avoid one of them having to say sorry! - old man syndrome... As to the intricacies of the rules and the interpretations they need to be there for the 10% who will want or need to know this, usually at the top of the sport. It should also be noted that although the RRS are written in English they are used globally and provide an international standard, whether we agree with them or not. I suspect that a world of "local" rules would not be well received.
  10. Surely it is a lot more simple and clearer to have the rule state. "competitors, support personnel and Race Committees may provide reasonable physical assistance to a boat or skipper whilst racing, this shall not include any form of tactical advice whilst the boat or skipper is racing" Darin
  11. My view, if you sail a class such as DF or IOM and sail regularly you are going to get creases/ wringles/ damage to your sails - fact. However, the best performance in light airs will come from film as it reacts better and gives more information back in light breeze. In a heavier breeze the sailcloth/ weight etc are less important than durability and strength- plus you don't use them as often, so i would be happy with heavy film or scrim. So, for me, i would accept damage/ replacements of A rig sails but be happy to sail with scrim sails on the lower rigs as these would not be as sensitive to the breeze. BTW I know of two Marblehead's that sail with film and Dacron sails stamped in the 1990's and still wins races! Darin
  12. Would it be simple to say that although the turn does not need to be 360 deg, if you start a penalty turn on port, then at the end you should also be on port, and vice versa, whether a windward or downwind penalty.
  13. I agree with John, there is nothing more off-putting to the fleet and turn off to the public than people "discussing" an incident during the racing- usually in a loud voice. We all do it and shouldn't but the rule is clear; hail clearly twice stating your sail number and that of the boat that is being protested. However, I would also suggest that communication with other skippers during the racing should be encouraged, nothing wrong with identifying that you are on stbd and another boat is on port, or that you consider you have an overlap as you approach a downwind gate. This can avoid incidents that do end up as protests. As the events get bigger the communication becomes more important as observers and umpires come in to play - they may not be looking at your boat, but if you put in a hail of "stbd" or "overlap" they may then look at your boat, which could help you in a protest. Darin
  14. Manor Park Interesting fact No2: The river Trent tributary runs through the middle of the "Gap" so the lakes were dredged for sand and gravel.
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