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  1. Hi John, This covered in Appendix E, E 3.5 and is a requirement of the race team.
  2. Hi, one of the hardest things to appreciate when 1st sailing Radio boats is the point that Brad touched on, which is the lightness of adjustments- no need for an arm full of extra tension, or massive changes in rake. Once you have found a sweet spot, mark the positions and come back to these during an event. The strength of the IOM class is in the skill of rig setting and it takes time and practice to get this right on a regular basis. This is another reason for looking at how you build the rigs and rigging, in particular pay attention to the direction of pull on bowsies, you want to be able t
  3. Pre bend in an IOM mast is to counteract the limited strength of the material allowed in the class rules. By putting in pre bend you can achieve a reasonable amount of rig tension and match the luff curve of the sail.
  4. Over time every boat will lose performance from a number of areas, weight gain, loose fittings, dings and nicks on the fin and bulb and I would suggest that regular checks and maybe updates make sense and also add to the enjoyment of ownership. This also runs in to the question of buying an IOM and it is my view that a well maintained older boat is still a good buy for all but the very best skippers and replacing items like John is doing can make them a good buy.
  5. On the Marblehead Class website there has been a question asked by the IRSA technical officer. This has prompted a request for the skippers globally on the desire, or not to consider a change to this rule. Please visit the Marblehead Class website and post any comments here. The post on the class website can be found at: https://marbleheadsailing.wordpress.com/
  6. Hi Barry, I think that I heard them say that the Judge's race management software has just such a thing and is why they were able to make a quick decision on Saturday.
  7. The quality is excellent and by watching on You Tube you can view it at anytime and avoid delays, I also like Ken Read as a commentator, Nathan Outteridge is also good but Shirley Robertson is the star. After the boats of course
  8. Hi Michael, If I were looking for an M upgrade I would go for a known design that others in your area will be able to assist you with and you can gauge your and the boats performance against; whatever response you get will only be an opinion and your lake will no doubt have a variety of factors that will influence you. Read the pimp my marblehead series on the M class website as this will give you a guide on what is current thinking and the items to look out for. https://marbleheadsailing.wordpress.com/how-to-tips/ My opinion (for what its worth) is that there are a lot of
  9. Hi Michael, The MYA is trying to address this issue of measurers and training, however,it is the measurers responsibility to stay current but it was brought to the councils attention by the registrars who were being presented with information that was incorrect or poorly presented that this is not happening in all classes, it was agreed that this was for a number of reasons and that the existing system had no formal provision within its processes to either gauge a measurers level of on going competency, or to offer retraining. The TO is trying to address this but with Covid restricti
  10. No Problem, there will be a further update on the Scottish district today/tomorrow.
  11. https://mya-uk.org.uk/mya-coronavirus-news-and-guidance/
  12. Hi John, Why not post your own "virtual" trade show, I'm sure that the members would really appreciate a video of what you have planned for 2021 and the suppliers section of the forum is just the place.
  13. More bad news for you John, the trade show has been cancelled due to social distancing concerns.
  14. Hi John/Derek, I know that the council are very keen to ensure that we can get back to competitive racing as soon as possible and are working on guidance documents. Like Derek I am concerned that some of our members may find other activities but I also see that we have a fantastic opportunity to place club sailing back at the front of everyones mind, and if we all support our local clubs we can individually do something to encourage our friends and mates to come out to play. I see that clubs are starting to organise regular sailing and if we all join in (socially distanced of course)
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