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  1. Do you think there is any link to the fact that those clubs (in the main )are in a district that cannot find a volunteer to be a councillor? Is it the council’s role to keep people in the sport? What have the clubs asked from the MYA to keep affiliated members keen? Would a central source of information keep them keen? Would a district source of information keep them keen? Would regular race reports keep them keen? Would a central calendar that Gave them the chance to sail against others keep them keen? Would a system that allows them to sail against similar and certified boats keep them keen? Would a group of people who will answer questions about our sport keep them keen? Would a group that encourages clubs and the associated structure around it keep them keen? Don’t tell me it’s the £4.00 that keeps them keen! As before genuine difference of view on the affiliation fee. Why should the fee not be £14.00? Please put a value on how much you consider the elements that the MYA provides are worth-ignore that we currently have a surplus. Let me start, How much would you pay to advertise a boat for sale on a dedicated central sport specific site? 50p, £1.00, £5.00 what do eBay charge? Lets start with this, before we look at how much other items are worth.
  2. I know that I may be at odds with some affiliated members, but I dont see that the reserves are excessive and I dont see that the affiliation fee should be set on the money in the bank. That way we will never have the funds to do anything other than just exist. We have had this discussion at the last few AGM's and the members have repeatedly voted that around £14.00 is acceptable. What I fear is going to happen is that we will have a newer audience (by moving the AGM) who will just see a meeting that is preoccupied with discussion over the same thing (that costs 26p per day), and will be turned off to the real challenge which is in telling those who have not seen our sport before how great it is. With regard to the amendment, I do not see that this has anything to do with communication or planning. If this was so critical to the member clubs why not put in a motion asking for the council to publish a plan at the start of the year, or a motion requesting that the membership fee should include a magazine. At least then the council would know what the members require of it, and the council can decide which part of what they currently provide is dropped. Finally, I just dont see how reducing the fee from £14.00 to £10.00 will encourage more members, If someone doesnt think that what they currently get is worth £14.00 then saving £4.00 is not going to change that view, maybe someone can explain how they value the services they get?
  3. Hi Paul, Public liability is £5M as per the schedule: https://mya-uk.org.uk/kb/mya-certificate-of-public-liability-insurance/ Darin
  4. Luckily I don’t think we have spent all the money.
  5. Hi Peter, I suspect that as you didn’t get nominated that we can’t put you on the voting form for Acquaint editor, however the constitution does allow us to accept your offer and co opt you. I am sure that the membership will thank you for your kind offer. I understand that the council may have another offer as well so it looks like we may have a communication team
  6. Clause 12 makes no mention of what should happen to amendments to a motion, other than 12 f which states what the timescales are for amendments. 12 c specifically mentions motions, with no mention of amendments. Obviously your view on the ambiguity will probably be coloured by which side of the discussion you are on. If as the council took the view at the time, they had not submitted a motion regarding senior membership fees then you would consider that the amendment introduced a motion, not purely an amendment to the original motion.
  7. Ian, 12 (c) Council shall have the right to veto a motion submitted by one or two clubs. However a motion submitted by three or more clubs acting in unison shall be placed directly on the Agenda. When read as part of Clause 12 it in effect means that if a motion is sent to the council by the 31st of August by 3 or more clubs then this will be presented at the AGM. With regard to the AGM, I can assure you that there is always, and will always be lively debate and discussion about a whole host of items related to the agenda. We usually all end up smiling, but the members do get their say.
  8. Chris, The original response to Tiggy Cat, was quite clear in the council's position if read fully. Phil's response re the budget is not correct as the budget was discussed at the Sept Council meeting and the Treasurers Report, our plans and the 2019 Budget figures indicated that the reserves allowed us to keep the affiliation fee at the 2019 level, which is why the council voted to not put a motion forward to amend the affiliation fee. I would expect, like every year, that the last 12 months events and future 12 month plans will be discussed at the AGM and then members will be offered the chance to re-elect the council members standing or choose from the other nominations. Did I mention that this council made the decision to rotate the AGM to allow greater access to members? The closing date for nominations for officers is 31st October......... Must go, got to catch up on the Parliment channel
  9. Lets remember that there are many volunteers within the sport, and consistent criticism of them may considerably reduce this. They may not be perfect but without them we would not have the sport we are all passionate about. The closing date for nominations for officers is the 31st Oct......
  10. https://mya-uk.org.uk/kbtopic/classes-equipment-and-measurement/
  11. Hi Alf, Many results are posted on the website; but they should also be available on the district websites for district events and the class websites for ranking and nationals. National Championship results are also added to the MYA website as an archive but this is usually at the end of the year. https://mya-uk.org.uk/mya-national-championship-results/ Note: Austin posts all of the reports and results that he receives when he gets the opportunity. Darin
  12. Seems that we have a misunderstanding here, maybe because we are typing and not talking over a pint. My interpretation of Brads comment is that the rules are the rules but the implementation and transference from full size to radio sailing need to be understood. As the MYA RO I see one of my responsibilities to ask for and consider comments from events, many are quick to tell me what is wrong but there are only a few who actually put their comments on paper, and as such I thank Brad for this. As I said I don't see the start penalties need amending, and in fact it is not our role or position to amend them, but like Brad I have been to events where the RO uses the starting penalties to "hide" the fact that the start line is wrong. Sometimes this is beyond their control, but occasionally it is due to their lack of understand of why boats are bunching or struggling to slow their boats down in the final seconds before the start. It is also important that everyone understands the current scoring implications of using BFD, something that the race regs team have been discussing for a while. This is in no way a criticism of the volunteers who allow us to race but a recognition that the start line and the start have a big impact on the racing we do, whether at club or international level. Fair racing at all levels requires a fair start giving equal opportunity and usually the best way to identify this is how the skippers treat the start, if they bunch at one end, or all end up at one end it will normally indicate that the line needs adjustment. The best lines will allow 95% of the fleet the chance to win, not onw where only 5% can win. The hardest part of any solution is how we give guidance to the race team volunteers. One way is to be prescriptive and give a set starting sequence,;2 general recalls, 1, round the ends and then black flag. The other is to give the race team discretion, unfortunately either way will create problems if the team do not understand the reasons why the skippers are struggling. The answer has to be in some simple training on setting a start line and then identifying the issues and options to creating fair racing. This where I think we need to consider the difference between full size and radio sailing. I have been to a few international events and I would say that the influence of full size management of starting penalties is better understood by the GBR race teams than some of those I have seen run these international events. My final point would be that we need to look at the sport as a whole because a lot of what happens at local level comes from observation of the highest level, race management, skipper behaviour, along with current designs are often taken from National Championships and implemented at club level. None of the above is a criticism of Peter and his team at West Kirby, just observations. Darin.
  13. You are in luck, Lincoln Radio Sailing Club sail out at Thorpe On the Hill. Check out their website and pop along, they sail on Sundays, but usually someone around on Wednesdays. https://lincolnradiosailingclub.wordpress.com/2018/01/04/lincoln-radio-sailing-club/ Darin
  14. For those who may have heard of this but are not sure what it entails; its just a day of fun racing at which participation, fun and fund raising are more important than the winning. If you are interested in joining in and have a radio sailing boat and a few friends then more details can be found on the MYA website: https://mya-uk.org.uk/barts-bash-the-biggest-little-boat-bash/ If you are a member of a full size sailing club why not invite some skippers to have a go, any RC sailing boat will do and they dont have to use the latest equipment. If you are holding an event please add it to this thread and we will try to keep everyone informed. Any questions please add them below. Darin
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