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  1. Hi Toby, Trying to get into the club zone (without success) but it does say that the class associations are currently notcovered with virtual regatta, although the RYA are in discussion.
  2. Lots of questions that others will be able to expand on but: 1. The radio sailing community has a say on the RRS via the IRSA and proposes amendments to the relevant WS committee. 2. Without the use of an international body like WS there would be different localised rules which would inhibite any international events and growth of the sport. 3. Why reinvent the wheel, the RRS cover almost all of the elements we encounter and the Appendix E deals with the variations we need; just imagine the wasted time and differences of opinion if we tried to organise them oursleves!
  3. There will soon be no reason for not attending the Nationals!! https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/01/28/500m-funding-to-bring-back-historic-rail-lines/
  4. Hi David, I am not sure that I agree with it being a rush, but as there is a review to take place which will have new faces on it, this may lead to an altered course and further review. My concerns with not setting a tight(ish) timescale is that this would just meander and lose the interest of all. If we at this stage assume that the documents are going in the right direction then amendments should not be too difficult and a reasoned explanation of the proposals issued in a timely manner. If the review finds something different then all timescales will need to be reviewed. With regard to the appendices, and the removal of key parts of the main body into these, I feel that there are only 3 elements that we have altered significantly (definitions and wording excepted- I know these are important but the intent behind these is not changed and the review will take in to account comments received) 1. The council view is that a club with 6 affiliated members is a better starting point than having 2 affiliated members. This is a policy item and open to opinion, but ultimately the council feel that 6 is a better number which could be varied in the future, so should be a management item and should not be fixed in the constitution. 2. The Council feels that the need for an annual motion on the Affiliation fee is unneccessary, and if the fee only requires a small increase to accommodate inflation then the council should be able to set this at a date prior to the AGM. The council is regularly asked by member clubs what the fee will be prior to the AGM so that they can collect this and submit to the MYA prior to 31st Dec. The current policy of setting this at the AGM only gives a limited time to do this. By using the CPI figure at say 31st Sept the membership will know the maximum figure that it will be unless a club or the council put in a motion to increase above this, or decrease for exceptional reasons. 3. Time of the AGM: Although there will still only be a small practical window due to other timings, the current date gives no flexibility to council to assist itself, or the members. The change to the affiliation fee above would help, but giving flexibility on the exact timings would be better. In particular, given modern communication methods, having an AGM which from a council administration point starts in July, and goes on until the end of Nov is not desirable. It is correct that the membership has the chance to participate in the AGM so time has to be given for comment etc and maybe this needs to be reviewed but 4 months for an association the size of the MYA seems excessive. To me these are the only significant changes, others are subjective and could be argued by either side of a discussion, but the overall aim is to produce a simplified constitution (Doc 1) which allows the council to operate and does not require changing due to a future council and their policies on how the MYA should function. Darin
  5. Interesting question about the mail chimp, and not sure how it is updated now, but announcements should be posted on the website as well.
  6. They are joining what the MYA has always been, an Association of clubs - and thats not going to change with this proposal, so no different to the previous 100+ years.
  7. Hi Peter, Maybe we confused matters by including the Appendices, but as they are referenced in the constitution we thought it better to include them. In hindsight a longer reasoning letter and non publication of the appendices would have been less confusing as these are just a formal collation of policy documents that the current constitution states we should keep along with the addition of the AGM timeline which the council wished to have some flexibility over. Document 1 is still in my eyes not something to be scrapped and with consideration of the great comments received still appropriate. Do you have any fundamental issues with Document 1, if so, the council can add these to those already received. Darin
  8. David, likewise, and hope all is good in the Munro family. I agree with both you and Phil regarding the Worlds! The actual constitution does not affect the running of the Worlds, but without putting a sharp deadline to this review it will just meander on and turn into unclear discussion and debate as unfortunately to the vast majority of the MYA it is something to read when insomnia strikes, so setting a short time period will allow us all to concentrate and enjoy what will be a great focal point for the year. Now that we have introduced the discussion on the constitution and the desire to condense and simplify the base constitution I am sure we can all work to make this happen in a timely fashion. I know that all of the council appreciate the great comments we have received, some of which are simple typing errors and others which highlight things that a fresh set of eyes pick up and I am sure that the council will now wish to review these. Finally, although not an orthodox way, it does communicate to the membership that the council is not only struggling to deliver some of what it wants with the current constitution, but also that it is committed to continuing to keep the UK sailing at the forefront. Darin
  9. I think we need to calm the conversation down. It is important to remember that those involved in this discussion are the ones who are passionate about the MYA as they are ,and have, volunteered to help the sport, so are in fact on the same side . Like many subjects those who have been working on a project probably assume that others are as clear on the reasoning as they are, forgetting that a period of getting up to speed and explanation is required. Main Reason for amending the Constitution. The council wished to remove all policy elements to allow the officers and volunteers the opportunity to carry out their roles without having to change the constitution regularly. It is felt that the constitution should be a core “statement” of what the MYA is about, written in a manner that does not require changing for potentially decades but allows the sport to flourish. In removing policy elements these need to be referenced and this is why the appendices are noted and included. Although as working documents they probably require further refinement by council as part of the council workings. Once this approach was agreed it was felt that some protection was needed, hence time periods introduced for officers. As an aside it was also felt that by putting a definitive timescale to all the roles it may encourage people to step forward as they had an escape route from the start The list of areas that have “operational” difficulties is quite long and the reason why the decision was made to enter in to this project. Whatever people may think about the outcome it should be understood that the core values and aims of the MYA have not been altered in this review of the MYA.
  10. This still comes down to the basic fact that observers and race committee are asked to comment on what they are sure they actually see. (whatever the incident) A mark rotating at the same time as a boat goes round will usually be accompanied by a disturbance of the sails, so this gives everyone a suitable amount of certainty that the mark has been hit. If you add to this an observer who has walked up the course to be as close to the mark as possible you have a greater certainty. A mark spinning, a boat 2m away and an observer halfway down the course is going to bring in areas of doubt. but... As a competent skipper I would say that there are very few - possibly never- any incidents that happen around the race course involving me that I know nothing about, so if I think I may have hit a mark, I do a turn, If I think I hit a mark and an observer calls it, I do a turn. If I go round a mark and the observers calls it, I moan, but I do a turn. Over the course of a days/series sailing you will inevitably finish where you deserve to finish so arguing about a spinning mark is probably not going to make a difference. Same with port/starboard, windward/leeward, overlaps, you usually know when you are in danger, and if you get called then you have to accept the medicine, thats the game we play. Of course we could bring in video refs and clear up any doubt... Gordon, I think a good RO gives the skipper the opportunity to retire rather than go to protest to avoid lengthy delays, and most of the top skippers will do so if the evidence is presented by the RO i.e. the observer says that boat X hit a mark and no turn was done. The issue with HMS is that racing often cannot continue until any protest is complete.
  11. Thanks to all those who attended the trade show, suppliers and members. If you have any ideas for 2020 trade show please post them here and we can work towards these.
  12. Do you think there is any link to the fact that those clubs (in the main )are in a district that cannot find a volunteer to be a councillor? Is it the council’s role to keep people in the sport? What have the clubs asked from the MYA to keep affiliated members keen? Would a central source of information keep them keen? Would a district source of information keep them keen? Would regular race reports keep them keen? Would a central calendar that Gave them the chance to sail against others keep them keen? Would a system that allows them to sail against similar and certified boats keep them keen? Would a group of people who will answer questions about our sport keep them keen? Would a group that encourages clubs and the associated structure around it keep them keen? Don’t tell me it’s the £4.00 that keeps them keen! As before genuine difference of view on the affiliation fee. Why should the fee not be £14.00? Please put a value on how much you consider the elements that the MYA provides are worth-ignore that we currently have a surplus. Let me start, How much would you pay to advertise a boat for sale on a dedicated central sport specific site? 50p, £1.00, £5.00 what do eBay charge? Lets start with this, before we look at how much other items are worth.
  13. I know that I may be at odds with some affiliated members, but I dont see that the reserves are excessive and I dont see that the affiliation fee should be set on the money in the bank. That way we will never have the funds to do anything other than just exist. We have had this discussion at the last few AGM's and the members have repeatedly voted that around £14.00 is acceptable. What I fear is going to happen is that we will have a newer audience (by moving the AGM) who will just see a meeting that is preoccupied with discussion over the same thing (that costs 26p per day), and will be turned off to the real challenge which is in telling those who have not seen our sport before how great it is. With regard to the amendment, I do not see that this has anything to do with communication or planning. If this was so critical to the member clubs why not put in a motion asking for the council to publish a plan at the start of the year, or a motion requesting that the membership fee should include a magazine. At least then the council would know what the members require of it, and the council can decide which part of what they currently provide is dropped. Finally, I just dont see how reducing the fee from £14.00 to £10.00 will encourage more members, If someone doesnt think that what they currently get is worth £14.00 then saving £4.00 is not going to change that view, maybe someone can explain how they value the services they get?
  14. Hi Paul, Public liability is £5M as per the schedule: https://mya-uk.org.uk/kb/mya-certificate-of-public-liability-insurance/ Darin
  15. Luckily I don’t think we have spent all the money.
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