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  1. Great points made by Vinnie, Darin & Brad, which I endorse. As stated previously, the aim should be to have a system that fairly ranks skippers, providing good quality racing against our peers, whilst providing good value for the time and money expended. The current system of two separate days, involves a seeding race on each days, followed by board organisation, course changes etc, which bites into the racing time, especially if you have 4 or 5 fleets. A typical weekend can cost north of £300, of which (at best) you may only have 8 races over the whole weekend (£40/per race?) A
  2. Please find attached link Dave
  3. The first posting from a ‘Newbee’:- I have recently joined the sport of model yachting and having attended the last two Nationals, I have the following observations:- i) As in all levels of sailing, all (but the deluded) who travel to the Nationals know that only a very few will win, but the rest go for:- a) well organised event and competitive sailing against our peers, hopefully measuring our improvement year on year b) the opportunity to sail against the very best with a hope of glimmer of the limelight – (ie a rare promotion to the B fleet) c) and ‘the social’ - this w
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