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  1. This is an extremely fundamental and thought provoking debate which should be the basis for the MYA AGM agenda. Unfortunately most will be asleep by the time an opportunity to raise this and have a discussion under AOB by which time people will be restless for the exit. Perhaps one of the first things that needs to change is the AGM agenda itself which has contained the same old, same old items in the same order for as long as I can remember. The agenda is probably prescribed by the Constitution so that needs to change too. This will not wait another year, it's too important. Never mind pr
  2. The previous ranking system as outlined by Martin had 6 one day ranking events plus a Nationals counting double points. This suited me whilst working and sailing full size boats because I could get my 4 counting events by doing the Nationals plus 2 from 6 one day rankings. Now, if you cannot make 2 of the ranking weekends due to diary clashes you cannot qualify. On the other hand there are travel cost benefits with the current system but inevitably some extra stay over costs too. This years events have been unusual, not just because of the number of entries but the last 2 events have both
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