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  1. Hi Richard, You're more advanced with your Alternative than I am, I'm still fiddling around with the rigging. Regarding my mast ram problem of insufficient room between the mast and ram.The reason is because I positioned, by mistake, the fin/mast box 5 mm further forward than the plan so I hope this dosen't affect the balance too much. I notice your ram takes up less space but doesn't provide lateral support, this may be my only option. I also have the same problem as you with the kicker strut fouling the winch line. One reason is that the SAILSetc plastic compression strut has a very larg
  2. Hi Richard, I've just finished building my Alternative and I am in the process of rigging it. I have used a planked balsa wood contruction sheathed both sides in fibre glass mat using light weight epoxy resin. Weight of painted hull with winch, servo,pot, battery and receiver is 855 gm's. I wanted a total weight under 4 Kg. In a test tank the boat floats perfectly on her waterline. I am having a problem fitting a mast ram at the moment, there isn't enough room between the bulkhead and the mast. I have attached 3 photos but the resolution is greatly reduced in order to send them.
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