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  1. On Christmas Day we lost one of the great Marblehead sailors of recent times after a long illness. He would have reached 63 next week. Laurent travelled enormous distances to compete throughout France and abroad at the highest level. When not racing he was kind, helpful and always ready to share his considerable knowledge and skills. He was totally commited to radio sailing (all classes except One Metre) and a member of the national technical commission responsable for the development and calendar. RIP Laurent Jerry
  2. I quote from the circular issued by my club The new national lockdown measures are clear that all leisure activities which take place on private land are to be closed. This encompasses all sailing activity, plus all non-essential site maintenance. You are not permitted to do any boat maintenance, nor to move your boats on or off the site. Here is a link to the RYA guidelines: https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/new-n... Jerry
  3. Lots of solutions if you are an electronics/micro computer expert. If you are not capable then there are ready made systems. If you want just the timer unit Ken Binks (kbits.co.uk) sells one that does the simple job very well. We have one. I hope they are still available. Many clubs have access to PA or Disco systems which they might lend to their RC sailors, at least for major events. These can have cordless microphones, headsets, etc. and some are waterproof. Problem is many run on 250 volt supply so you need a shed, stage or a very good tent. Many clubs use a cheap
  4. I stand by what I wrote. I deplore the attitude that you must hit another boat to prove you were in the right, which I hoped had died out twenty years ago now we have fewer wooden boats and higher speeds. I have seen boats disqualified for that even if Rule 14 says no damage no penalty. Profiting from legal loopholes may be part of the game at top international level, but should have no place for the amateur sportsman. "Plastic" boats may seem to absorb contacts but cosmetic damage can develop into structural problems with weakened joints and . Clearly "I've got a shiny n
  5. I share your aversion. IOM is perhaps the worst class and many people have given up, changed classes or changed clubs because their enjoyment has been spoilt. Competitors should be more critical of their own behaviour and remember: - Shouting or arguing creates a bad impression for spectators and potential recruits. - Right of way does not give the right to knock another boat out of the way, and the overriding rule is to avoid collision if possible and then if appropriate to protest. Good umpiring or observing could support or dismiss the protest but a gentlemanly agreement betw
  6. I belatedly came across this thread. For what it's worth, the economical boats I have sailed against include several I would regard as good value in terms of results for the price. Nothing would turn a less talented sailor into a winner but a top boat might flatter by promoting a few places. A good sailor probably needs one of the expensive types to do well at national level, but could put up a good showing at club or regional level with an eco design. From observation over several years I can recommend any of these modern era designs - Tara, MX, Wedge or for
  7. My Isis has always been 100% watertight. My pot is not glued or screwed to the hull, it is a perfect fit and there is just a tiny smear of Loctite silicone around it. That had the disadvantage that the only way in for water is via the pot lid, the water on the deck is sucked in by the flexing of the hull in heavy weather unless the lid is properly screwed down with a smear of vaseline. I found the problem one day when the hull was dry inside but the pot had a centimetre of water in the bottom. Since then I have made a drain hole in the bottom of the pot and the receiver is raised on
  8. If any UK IOM sailors want the long haul to Marseille, the French nationals are September 20-23 on the site of the 2007 worlds. Notice of race in French https://www.unm1882.fr/copie-de-vrc-unm-cup On line entry from 4th June; confirmation 15th July. Entry fee 105 euros includes a gala dinner at the yacht club and a polo. Registration / practice 19th then 4 days racing. Hotels 64 euros.
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