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  1. NigelF

    IOM Wanted

    What price bracket are you looking at.
  2. New boat bags at there new home in Norfolk. Very happy with them will be able to get both the boats and the 2 dogs in the car together without the worry of damaging the boats.
  3. Trevor, read the article by Roger Stollery on Sail Trimming which appears on the news page of the MYA site. This will help you get the best out f your boat.
  4. NigelF

    MX 16 Set Up

    Many thanks Eric
  5. NigelF

    Kantun S patches

    Geoff, have you asked Terry
  6. NigelF

    MX 16 Set Up

    Dose any one have details on how to set up a MX16. Mine seems to have lost all its got up and go and want to go back to basics and check all the original settings. Thanks in advance for any help. Nigel
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