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  1. Chrome sounds good. My Dragon force was black, i had trouble seeing that. Anyone done a vinyl wrap on a boat?
  2. Thanks guys, just what i wanted to hear.
  3. Not really, I would have thought most people must have a preference, Am sure a lot of people are on a budget, i am as this is not my only hobby, so if you had to make a choice, what would you choose? and why.
  4. No, i sold it and bought red IOM, Being bigger makes it easier to see.
  5. No i do not feel it has, The sail material was dodged, There was not many replies from any other question, looking at other post on here none get many replies, My main hobby is cycling, i also join in a cycling forum, if i ask a question on there, the thread would go 2 or 3 pages, are people on here just shy? or do they not want to help others.
  6. Yes a few more replies would be helpful. I am sure some newbie questions might apear to be silly. But we all have to start some where. I have found it frustrating when i get no proper answers to my questions. Would like to see a bit more activity on here.
  7. Bikeboy


    Can a Marblehead be traced by sail number? Keen to find history of a boat.
  8. I would go for the class with the most boats in.
  9. Ok. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Am looking for a new suit of sails, Whats the difference, is one better than the other. Scrim or Satin Dacron?
  11. Got me one today, and raced it aswell, Love it,
  12. What no one has a pic of there boat to post?
  13. Have a Dragon force 65 at the moment, Hopefully going up to the one metre class soon, Be good to see other pics
  14. Am new to this. Just bought myself a Dragon Force 65, am happy with the performance, the problem i am having is seeing it in certain positions, it' a black hull, and i think thats where the problems lies. what is the easiest colour to see on the water, i have some pink paint in a rattle can, am going to spray the sides of the hull, Is there a better colour? Cheers Del.
  15. Hi just bought a sail boat model, was looking for some where to sail it, i came across a lee valley club, http://www.leevalleymyc.org.uk/index.html Does anyone on here sail there, i am retired so i could go there anytime, but does any one know if there are certain days in the week when there will be others there? Cheers Del.
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