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  1. The Environmental Agency recommends the use of barley straw for the PREVENTION of Algae growth in lakes and ponds, not so long ago I was involved in using barley straw to combat a blanket & bind weed problem in a boating lake fed by land drains. the following pointers may be useful. 1. The straw needs to be added to the lake before the problem arises. We used to add ours around mid February as it needs 4 to 6 weeks to start breaking down properly. It acts by inhibiting algae growth not destroying existing so if you are to late deploying you will need to remove it mechanically (damn ha
  2. Being completely unqualified to comment I am going to anyway! Just to introduce another perspective. As the IOM class is in the enviable position of events being over subscribed why not reduce your numbers at National & Ranking events to a more manageable number by introducing qualifying, instead of the first come first served basis at present. It would require the introduction of District Events for skippers to qualify from but it would have the benefit of the best skippers at each level going head to head for more races which would surely raise the already excellent standards even
  3. Vinnie I would be interested to know what weight your hull comes in at, the first carbon one out of our mould weighed in at 1080g using three gel coats & two layers of 200g carbon with a bit of additional stiffening here and there. Hopefully you will be prepared to compare notes.
  4. The plug looks great, a really nice finish. It seems we have Romanza's coming out of everywhere! When I started the blog I didn't realise it would have such a good effect.
  5. No pressure then Mike! Build Blog can be seen at http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/romanza-build-blog
  6. Boat A is rounding a downwind mark to port, however she is taking a wide line, although inside the zone and is part way around the mark. Boat B approaches on the same tack albeit tighter to the mark than Boat A however she does not have an overlap at four lengths and considers that there is plenty of space for her to round the mark on a tighter line than Boat A which may bring her overlapped but not into contact with Boat A. Boat A's skipper hails "No room/water in there Boat B" what is Boat B's correct course of action?
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