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  1. No quarter for Mike on Saturday then.
  2. Not happy, I enquired about it on Sunday and asked what they would take for it on the make an offer button. I was happy with the reply and duly made the suggested offer. I waited until Monday evening just before the offer elapsed to contact the seller to find out what the problem was. I was told he had received a better offer, I thought ok fair enough thinking perhaps I could improve my offer. No reply and the make an offer button had gone, so as it is an auction site I placed a bid that was substantially higher than the original agreed offer. Today my bid has been cancelled and the boat marked as unsold.
  3. stevevw

    FR Cerberus

    Thanks Ian I will mail Geoff
  4. stevevw

    FR Cerberus

    Any of you out there building a Frank Russel Cerberus? I have just received the drawings from Frank.
  5. stevevw

    Is it a 6 m ?

    Get someone to load your car up, plenty of us to get you from car to lake. and back again as long as you don't beat us of course ;0)
  6. I can get Wee Nip or a DF65 or DF95in no problem. IOM just as long as I leave the rigs at home.
  7. Mike I know this is an old post but thought you might like to know a Revenna definitely does not fit in my car. Currently trying to convince my wife we need a third car on the drive.
  8. stevevw

    Is it a 6 m ?

    Ian Have you sailed your revival yet? I am hoping to get to Two Islands on the 5th Oct will you be there? Steve
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