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  1. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    Roger I am in Hertfordshire. Boat may be on it's way to Bristol. I will let you know.
  2. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    Chris Yes I have messaged you.
  3. stevevw

    Is it a 6 m ?

    Ian Have you sailed your revival yet? I am hoping to get to Two Islands on the 5th Oct will you be there? Steve
  4. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    Richard, yes all bar the stand is still available. But as I make the stands I could possibly build you one with your details on.
  5. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    Stand is spoken for but I can build you one if you want. I have a few to build for others.
  6. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    Yes still here.
  7. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    I am in North Herts but sail at Milton Keynes and Northampton. The white hull is as this Link. https://www.radiosailing.co.uk/df65-v6---replacement-hull--colour--white-1077-p.asp
  8. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    I am back from holiday now.
  9. stevevw

    DF65 for sale

    I have an almost new DF65 for sale. It has A and A+ rigs. A has been used once the A+ is unused. I have swapped the Hull for the bright Orange option part from new. comes with both rigs, a new set of standard A sails and the standard stand for £140 I also have the original white hull unused £40 Bespoke stand £30 The Radio Sailing carry case that retails for £95 can go for £45 Or I can do all for £225
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