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  1. That's excellent news John. My thanks to Anthony. Cheers, Pete.
  2. Fleet racing, match racing or team racing it doesn't matter which. It is just great to see the interest in the R6M class. At the Broads RYC we have had a fleet of 'sixes' for many years, now we just need to persuade more people to travel to open events. Keep up the good work chaps.
  3. Hi there Steve, if any new member has missed the Acquaint containing my first article on sail setting please e-mail me direct and I'll send it to you. You can find my e-mail address by logging on to the members area, officer and other contacts, vice chairman. Cheers, Pete.
  4. Hi David, I have great admiration for those with the ingenuity, boldness and tenacity to carry out tasks such as this. It shows what can be done and it looks as if you have finished up with a first class, low cost winch. I look forward to seeing it at work. Cheers, Pete.
  5. Hello again Eric - I nearly forgot. When you have made up your new rig, don't forget to check weigh your boat to ensure that it is still in class. You don't want it overweight either. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Hi Eric - ask 3 different sailors for advice on masts and you are likely to get 3 different answers. As far as I know you have 3 choices; Housemartin, The Pierre Gonnet mast from various sources (CM and BG to name 2) and the SAILSetc mast. What is the difference? The Housemartin mast is the stiffest because the tubing has the thickest wall. Some people find a stiffer mast makes sail setting easier. Is there a downside? Yes it is the heaviest mast weighing in at about 70 grams/metre. It is also the cheapest and is used quite happily by many r/c sailors. The Pierre Gonnet (PG) mast is
  7. Nice to hear from the six metre owners. Although not a six metre owner myself I think that it would be a pity to see this unique and somewhat 'different' class disappear from the scene. To help keep the class alive and with it's own national championship, we really need an enthusiastic class captain. The job of class captain need not be an onerous one, involving only assisting the MYA Racing Officer and the host club, with the organisation of a national championship and where they exist (I am not aware of any) district championships. There are no ranking events for six metre boats. As Gr
  8. Good morning Mike, as I think you know we have a fleet of about half a dozen R6M's at the Broads RYC and there is also a small fleet at Coalhouse Fort. I understand that we may still be looking for a Class Captain to champion the sixes, if anyone would like to take this on and encourage more participation in this unique class just let Graham Allen know.
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