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  1. My penny worth of views. The problem only exists because of the popularity of IOM racing in the UK, not with any other nation or class, it is a problem of success. Whatever modifications are made there must be a defined pathway for the newcomer to reach the international events. The primary reason to hold a ranking series is to be able to select competitors for international competitions with restricted entry but it has developed into the top class racing circuit in the UK. With increasing competitors wanting to compete its original format is under pressure and not delivering every
  2. Thanks for the replies, On a related matter that of scoring, am I correct in thinking In a one heat Race, Boat A would score Fleet plus 1 point for a DSQ, Boat B would also score Fleet plus 1 if they retired. In Multiple heats Race, Boat A would still score Fleet plus 1 ( which maybe 54 plus 1) but Boat B would score Heat number plus 1 ( which maybe 16 plus 1), both boats being demoted one fleet. I which case the argument for boat B gaining an advantage seems stronger.
  3. Starting under Black Flag rules is common in full size racing but rare in RC racing but it has been in force in the current IOM worlds. I was asked my opinion on the following scenario, which I gave but with more time to think about it maybe a different answer would/ should have been forth coming. Starting under black flag A few seconds before the gun Boat A is hovering on starboard at the windward end of the line. Boat B approaches from astern at full speed, realises it is early and in manoeuvring in an attempt to avoid crossing the line hits Boat A on the transom. Boat A is
  4. Firstly I am a believer in the "If it is not broken dont mend it" principle, I can not see any logical reason to alter a format of radio sailing that attracts 40+ skippers for a weekend of racing once a year, whatever the class or entry requirements. I go to the event for a weekend of full-on big fleet (17= boats on the line) and with 3 fleets it means plenty of sailing against skippers of similar standards. As the event attracts only 40+ skippers plenty of clubs would feel confident in holding the event. If the event attracted more then I would welcome some sort of upper limit t
  5. I was a skipper when the following occurred. The course was Windward/Leeward and the windward Mark B taken to starboard. Mark A was set about 10m to the left of Mark B (looking into the wind) approx square to the wind direction. The finishing line was designated between Mark A and Mark B. I was approaching Mark B on Starboard with the intention of tacking onto port, rounding the mark and sailing another lap. As I crossed the line between Mark A and Mark B the sound signal was given ( which in all previous and subsequent heats was given to the first boat to cross the finishing l
  6. We raced with 14 IOM's today at Falmouth and had a discussion over lunchtime on the subject of the Nationals and the following emerged. Three days is fine. A Championship should be 16/24 races. Day1 and 2 say 8 races and Day3 6 races or so , to allow for early finish, course changes, protests etc. 24 heats should be possible in a day, which means with 3 fleets everyone gets at least 8 races in a day and most will get 10/12 with promotion etc. Plenty of sailing and not too much hanging about, for the 50 or so Competitors With the host club only having to provide facilities f
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