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  1. The hull would appear to be painted glassfibre (I think the original colour was red). The fin is removable so hull and fin could be put in a box. As ever, the rig would prove more of a challenge to ship.
  2. Offering for sale a very old IOM - no identifying marks so I can’t say what it is or how old but it’s a pretty little thing! Has a rudder servo and winch fitted but, while they moved when plugged into a modern radio, I can’t say they did anything that made any sense to me! Assume new servos needed! Has an a-rig, that’s all apart from the stand it is sitting on. The boat’s in Lymington and would need collecting with sensible social distancing. SOLD
  3. For Sale is this lovely Wedge (designed by Mark Dicks and built by VAM Portugal in carbon fibre). This boat has had light use throughout its life but is a good all round design ready to race more! 3 rigs - Hi-top A, Standard A and B - all are swing rigs (Rigs are all catsails, come in a catsails sail bag and have their measurement sheets) but it would be easy to rig the boat for conventional rigs! Which brings me on to... this boat needs rerigging and the new winch installing. Relatively straightforward process and you can get the boat running the way you want it. No Tx or Rx
  4. Price reduced, postage possible. Reasonable offers considered.
  5. Here’s something that doesn’t turn up every day. Stollery designed ICE in carbon fibre with 2 cassettes, spare servo and 4 rigs. A small amount of tittivating and setup required. We had great fun sailing this little beastie down at our club but it’s not getting used now so the opportunity exists for someone to get into this unique class. The boat is in Lymington in Hampshire- distanced collection would be required. Postage might be possible at buyers cost and risk. No Tx or Rx, some small batteries included. £75
  6. I’d use the same point - going lower would close the slot and I can’t see any advantage to that as the wind strengthens. That’s how my Romanza is rigged anyway!
  7. Looks like a great event to open a great programme for the season. Shame Fleetwood is such a long way for me! Well done everyone.
  8. Excellent work by all involved! I shall see you as often as I can!
  9. https://mya-uk.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Change-of-Ownership-Form-2019..pdf
  10. Contact the registrar for the class involved - I am sure you will find them helpful
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