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  1. https://mya-uk.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Change-of-Ownership-Form-2019..pdf
  2. Contact the registrar for the class involved - I am sure you will find them helpful
  3. Splendid day in good company - thanks to everyone involved
  4. The MYA handbook is not part of the rules. The point made is pertinent but just wait until you lose a protest because there was no contact. I’m not saying I approve, I’m just being pragmatic. Also, if you are going to quote me, please quote the full context. I’m sure some people will disagree with me - that’s fine.
  5. I think I need to take issue to an extent with these two points. In the first case it is, perhaps sadly, the case, that for many people, if there is no contact, there is no foul. This is especially true in model yachting where the incident comes and goes so quickly. A lesson learned early on in dinghy racing is that on occasion you have to decide which boat to hit. It’s not ideal but the chances of someone else, anyone else, seeing the perceived foul without any contact is vanishingly small. In the second case, those are the rules. I may have my own reasons to put you about - Sailing is a tactical sport not a drag race (despite the current farce that is the America’s Cup). I don’t have to explain myself for standing on - perhaps frustrating the port tacker is sufficient tactical advantage in itself.
  6. Interesting point. I think this is very much class dependent - I’ve seen plenty of careful and respectful racing in some classes - perhaps oddly I would single out the RG65 class as being particularly good in this respect ( as well as my beloved 6 metre class!). Rule observance tends to be in inverse proportion to vocal volume in many cases. Comparing this to crewed boats is a bit misleading - fine judgements are a great deal easier from on board and I’ve never seen anybody deliberately ruin someone’s day - but it does happen inadvertently too often.
  7. Definitely looking forward to this one!
  8. Some of us belong to several fora, most of which have nothing to do with model yachting and for which a degree of anonymity is considered sensible. Using the same name on all of them is a matter of pragmatism. Hi, my name is Stan.
  9. Very exciting racing in splendid company!
  10. It seems a shame, though no doubt there are good reasons, in a class with few open events, that there are two in one weekend, so far apart. Much though I wanted to do both, the sensible party suggested I choose! Because I intend going to Dartmoor for the nationals in September, I’ve chosen Broads for this weekend. Where is everybody going?
  11. Looks fantastic - a bit hairy though! Wish I could have been there.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I sail at Solent RCMYC. I currently don’t have a groovy mast and I can see advantages both ways. The new sails are also non groovy so that decision is pretty much made!
  13. At our club we have a good 6 metre fleet but we basically all have A rigs and nothing else - this suits everyone just fine and if there is too much wind we don’t race. I am looking to race further afield this year and have ordered new sails for A and B rigs. I have read that only one mast is allowed - so sails have to be changed on that mast. Is this correct? Presumably this also applies to the main boom? Are separate jib booms allowed? Is there anything else I should know? I have also bought the plans for Frank Russell’s Cerberus design with a mind to building one- is anyone else looking at this? While I do sail other classes, my fascination with the sixes is becoming an obsession!
  14. Wish I could have - hope it was a good day
  15. Well Mike, I’ve got myself a Romanza and I am doing my first club race this morning. We’ll see if the application of rules differs in any way! Looking forward to seeing you out there.
  16. Cheap Shiraz posted in for sale
  17. If I could find a competitive one for cheap as chips I definitely would Mike!
  18. Here’s an alternative viewpoint. In the port starboard situation where port hails hold your course, if starboard immediately hails NO, that surely gives port theunderstanding that starboard might not hold his course and sufficient warning that they will need to do something in order to keep clear. Otherwise the hail of hold your course seems to burden starboard tack over port. It implies that starboard might have to bear away to give port the opportunity to keep clear - surely that is starboard giving way, not port. If it is that close then I suggest port has not made sufficient effort to keep clear. Alternatively, what if starboard replies NO, YOU TACK. That also informs port of his intention to stand on and should help port with his dilemma. The point is really that port is seeking to gain an advantage over starboard as any collision would require starboard to justify them self. If it’s close, port should be certain to keep clear. Perhaps the rule needs adjustment, requiring starboard to give sufficient room if the boats are not close hauled.
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