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  1. Wow, a great email from Graham. My honest view is that the IOM Class has nothing to lose and much to gain. It may also help the MYA Council refocus on what it's priorities are and restructure accordingly. So we have another Gang of Four! Go for it Keith
  2. Hi Brad I did recognise that the DF classes do not have a baggage of history that other classes do have and it is therefore easier. In simple terms I was trying to demonstrate that where there is a will there is a way. If I came across as gleaming? or seeming to be a smart a**e then I apologise Keith
  3. Morning Graham To answer your question the DF Racing UK CA has been developed to support the two Dragon boats and is not focussed on the RG65. Our work however has been done with the full involvement of Mark Dicks as CC RG65 and his colleagues. The RG65 Class is organising its own Traveller Series (which DF65 boats can enter if they wish) The DF Racing registrar is also managing the RG65 registration but this gives the opportunity to maintain separate data for the boats. It is honestly not difficult, as always it just needs a few people ŵith enthusiasm. I hope this helps Cheers Keith
  4. I am a stong advocate of Class Associations. Only with that structure will classes that have enthusiasm from within prosper and grow.. it should be recognised that some of the 'old' national classes and maybe international classes may struggle to find support. As such the classes will find their own level of activity and support. It should also be recognised that the scene is changing with the arrival of the New Classes. Since leaving the MYA organisation I have volunteered to work with John Tushingham to look to create a strong Class Association for the 65 and 95. I do recognise that as restr
  5. A low profile comment. When I saw the motions with no explanation it seemed to me it would be very difficult to vote on the information provided. Gosport have commented using their interpretation, in the past motions have had supporting comment as to why proposed. For Garry and others. The AGM is in Birmingham meaning long distance travel for far flung clubs. Hence the opportunity for 'postal votes' Hence the need for explanation on motions proposed. However for those that do attend the AGM as representatives of their clubs they have the opportunity to vote (on behalf of their clubs not person
  6. I would like to thank Damian for the regular updates on the IOM Nats racing at West Kirby, at times I felt as if I were there Great stuff, thanks for making the effort which is not 'taken for granted'. Of course congratulations to Brad Cheers Keith
  7. Morning Stewart Two Islands is based in Milton Keynes, just Google Two Islands RYC. We do sail Wednesday mornings and Sunday mornings so regrettably we may not suit your needs. Abington Park Club tend to race on Saturdays so may be more suitable. Again Google Abington Park MYC for detail Keith
  8. Hello My club Two Islands has allocated 6 sailing days in 2016 where we don't race as usual but look for fun formats of sailing/racing The formats may help the less experienced or can just be different eg team racing Have any members got any ideas that you can pass on to help with our fun day concept please Many thanks Keith
  9. Hi Mark A couple of points. The 2016 Calendar is close to being finalised and as such is not yet officially published. However an interim copy can be found on the KB in the AGM 2016 documents. That was published as part of Bill's report to the AGM When the calendar, a very complicated document is finalised we will publish it in its proper place on the web. That should be soon Call me if you want help finding the interim version Cheers Keith
  10. Hi Dave I look forward to the views of members following your post. But..briefly I can confirm that MYA council have not at any time discussed the 95 boat or considered offering affiliation This is to put the record straight Keith MYA Chairman
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