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  1. DF 65 Mk 6 for Sale with stand. As new genuinely sailed for less than 1 Hr. A Rig with Dragon force Sails. B Rig with Soch Sails (never used) Hydropro Quality Sail bag Fly Sky FS-i6 Transmitter with case Vapex Charger Spare receiver Battery Spare Patches Hull and Deck stickers (still Packed) in Blue. Price £160.00 Phone 01603 925411 or E mail; vinnie.zammit@gmail.com This Boat has now been Sold
  2. Yes , Please let me have your mobile No or E mail and i will post them to you.
  3. Just completed Winter project. Starkers Cubed. Just Registered and Measured and ready to go. A swing Rig, B, C1, And C2, Conventional Rigs, with high modular masts. Sails by Housemartin . Creedy Fin, Bulb and Rudder. New PJS 36 winch. Waterproof Servo and RMG on / off switch. Lovely looking boat in Black / White. Only sailed 3 times just to prove. Compete with Spektrum Transmitter and receiver. All ready to go sailing. Contact 01603 928411 Price £1500 .00
  4. We now have less than two weeks to the closing date for the Marblehead 2 and 3 ranking events at Norwich. As those of you who have organised this sort of event will know, it makes life a lot easier if entries do not arrive at the very last minute, especialy when a Social Event is being organised as well. So i would be grateful if you could get your entries in ASAP. So far we have 18 boats entered.
  5. Less than 2 weeks to the closing date for Ranking 2 & 3 at Norwich. Would appreciate if those who intend entering do so, as i need the numbers for the Social event on the Saturday Evening.
  6. The Tri Services championship will take place on 1st - 2nd October 2016 by kind permission of the Committee and members at Gosport SC. The Championship is open to all Ex members of Her Majesties Armed Forces and Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance). Notice of Race will be published Shortly on the MYA Website. Entries can be forwarded directly to myself stating Boat details, club and which service you will be representing. Entries to vinnie.zammit@gmail.com For further enquiries please contact me on 01603 928411 Early entries would be appreciated
  7. Hi Mike, will send a list of those owners from Norwich and the Broads this Weekend.
  8. Must admit i found the results of the voting very disappointing, i was expecting at least 150+ replies. However now that i read that people did not receive their i contact E mails and knowing that John Newton kindly sent them out to all, i feel that the system might not be working as it should. I will certainly take it up with the MYA Council and see what can be done to improve the matter.
  9. Hi all, the following are the results of voting at this years IOMICA AGM. Resolution 6.1: Ratifying the emergency class rule change - Passed Resolution 7.1: Proposal to change scoring system from HMS to SHSS at International Championships - Defeated Resolution 7.2: Proposal affecting judging at International Championships - Passed Detailed minutes of the meeting, including treasurers report, will be coming out soon.
  10. Hi Eric, just a note to assure you that all votes that were submitted to me in time were counted and cast. Eric i must apologise but i did receive your vote and it was counted and have it in my record as such, unfortunately i did not press the read receipt button. As it is my intention to shortly to resign both my positions with the MYA, a man of "passion" will be required to take over. Could you be that man?
  11. Hi Eric, cannot see how people cannot be better informed. Every person that has a boat registered with the MYA was sent an E mail informing them of the Vote.
  12. The following are the results of the poll sent out to 1082 IOM owners to establish how the MYA should vote with regards to the motions set out at the forthcoming IOMICA AGM Motion 6.1: Ratify Emergency rule change regarding Gooseneck and Fittings. For: 31 Votes, Against: 5 Votes. Motion 7.1: Change event scoring system from HMS to Simple Heat Racing System. For: 6 Votes, Against: 30 Votes. Motion 7.2: Change CCR 6.4 to ensure Main Jury Members have sufficient experience to manage Continental or World Championships. For: 30 Votes, Against: 6 Votes. The MYA will vote according to the above results
  13. The Tri Services Championship will be taking place at Gosport SC over the Period 10/11 October. The event is open to all past and present members of HM Armed Forces. This year the entry is also open to the Emergency Services. Entry can be made through the MYA on line system or directly to vinnie.zammit@gmail.com Phone 01603 928411
  14. Hi all, bet you all thought that i had given up. Well i have not and if i can work out how to do it, i will post a photo. I have now nearly finished the hull and have just married the Hull, Fin and keel. Hopefully i will float it later in my Ozzie dogs padling pool. Have all the fittings for the rigs and Terry Burton has kindly volunteered to help me put the rigs together as i don't have much of a clue. Will keep you posted.
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