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  1. Val, To some degree I regret ever having got involved 6M class. The amount of time I have spent in modifications, measuring , and calculating optimal displacement is disproportionate to the performance. It is now in a corner of the shed .. at least until summer proper Dave
  2. I must confess that initially I was very suspicious of the Self Tensioning Drum . But after several rubber tensioner failed due to my neglect I went down this road. If you use it correctly it is very reliable . I found the secret is not to over tension it, about 3/4 to 1 turn . Beyond that the fun begins . Also you must always secure the top screw ... it you don't they can split in two And clearly don't wind layer of string on it , I have about 2 turns on the drum But to each his own , I cannot stand springs and elastic carp chord Dave Just playing with this new site - it great on my pc but hell on my phone
  3. So have you figured out how to do this
  4. The boat tends to go bow down as the boat is driven forward. The amount of up offset required varies from design to design and sail setting. In other words there is NO magic offset amount . It is a comprise. However it is not likely to have a profound effect for most skippers, but it is that 0.01percent you might be looking for. Interestingly the shape of leading edge of the bulb is probably more important Helps ?
  5. I skimmed over this thread and all good stuff. However I could not help noting the 1.8 degrees as measured by a Robart incidence meter. Repeatable but not exactly a precision gauge 1.8 degrees equates to 2,0 mm offset at 65mm chord OK.. so before you rush off to the kitchen and start cooking up a nice piece of roast Fin for tea:- * Did you a) remove the lead from the fin when you took the measurements, clamp the top of the Fin to the bench at the top b) zero the gauge at the top and measure down to the bottom And then c) turn it over and repeat the process. You really should and while you are at it twist it with your hand and see how easily it deflects. Lay it on a flat surface and see how straight it really is . Having owned a boat from that particular stable / Manufacturer as I recall the CG of the Lead runs well in front of the Centre of the Radius of Gyration of the fin so The lead applies a rotational/ twist moment on the fin. The designer, Frank Russell MAY have intentionally done this so that the fin generates a hydraulic righting moment as the boat heals over when moving. I really do not know and to be honest do we care. It might just be that the MX Components fins are not very stiff in torsion As I recall, CM Yachts simply imported the boat from MX Components who in term bought it from a manufacturer located on a small island in the East Asia But whilst all this may be of interest to some, heating up the fin and trying to take the twist out is A RISKY undertaking and the result is by no means guaranteed and unrecoverable The best advice you should have is to Sail it as it is and agonise over the Sail setting You can actually buy a Fin from Australia that fits but you will have a hart attack when you see the price and then the customs bill from HMRC
  6. I know exactly what you mean. It it very common at Bournville ... horrible! I think that someone got a job lot of this pvc film that is used for wrapping stuf But it is fully compliant. It's not too bad there since you are never more than 30 m away from the boats Also there is no regulation of letter colours And you get 2 red one black and various combinations. But who cares.
  7. No obstructions ahead. Boat A should have waited for Evill 11 to tack.
  8. There are NO Restrictions imposed upon the colour of IOM sails. However, from memory I understand that most recently IRSA Technical Committee in conjunction the IOM Class Association effectively ruled that:- The Sail SHALL be of Uniform Colour .... in order to comply with the requirement that sails SHALL be of Uniform PLY We/I am not going to debate how or where the Uniformity of Yellow Ripstop Nylon Fabric differs from Blue Ripstop Nylon Fabric of the same weight / class. I understand that IRSA and IOMIC came to this conclusion at a distance without actually examining the actual material in response to a TQ. One might suggest that Class Rules of some full size classes impose much the same restrictions upon Uniformity of Ply without imposing Uniformity of Colour Would World Sailing come to the same conclusion as IRSA IOMICA, you decide.
  9. John, You have it in one with one minor correction, it is not the Dreaded 11 it is the Evil 11 And yes .. forgive the reference to Boat B , it should be Boat A There was a boat B following about 2 boat lengths back and we will get onto that. You seem to disagree with the findings of the Protest Committee in that you find Evil 11 did not breach any rule. The issue as to if there was a contact or not is really going to determine if Boat A should be disqualified or not. Again - should boat A be disqualified. the rest of the story or to Quote To LOOK at the Bigger Picture The points difference between Evil 11 and Boat B at this time is 4 points to Boat B. If Evil 11 is disqualified this will extend Boat B lead to 16 points If Boat A is disqualified then Boat B moves up 1 point to 5 ahead and Evil 11 is the looser Boat A is not really in the hunt for an Event top 3 placing. So having Boat A disqualified does not suit the Evil 11 hence the denial of any contact since he is very sure that he had not broken any rule and .... the hidden video head camera would show a mast contact. But spurred on by Boat B, who has everything to gain and nothing to lose, Boat A sets forth with a Protest... one that he can only loose , unless Evil 11 saves Boat A from disqualification by denying the contact. The Protest Committee dismissed the protest for lack of evidence of a contact. The outcome Evil 11 wanted Evil 11 passed Boat A to take first place in the heat It was a really good day of fiendly sailing Come to round 2 on Sunday.
  10. Ah Phil Good to hear from you. Morality aside this is Racing Talk to one another !! Well the orange boat on a Port Tack was me and the discussion taking place was interesting to say the least. Ranging from a) I was not on the water at the time of the incident b) There was Radio Interference which made the boat go out of control c) I was on Starboard d) You changed course e) 11 did not allow me to duck f) I was just coming off of the bank All of which was in jest and we really enjoyed the day sailing Only one real protest . An interesting one form the point of view of total dis-information Boat A Rounded Leeward Mark - jibing in the process to starboard - Starboard rounding . Boat A was very closely followed by the evil boat 11 . Boat B tacked onto Port immediately he had cleared the mark. But the evil boat 11 had a tighter rounding because he came in wider. Now about 50mm to weather of boat A the evil boat 11 is faced with Boat A now on Port and had only one option. Tack inside and became the leeward boat . But happily Boat A protested the evil boat 11 a) Boat 11 Infringed upon Boat A by not allowing sufficient Room for A to TACK The evil boat 11's skipper stated that he was unaware of any collision and was doing his level best to avoid any collisions. So what do you think , was the Protest committee correct in disqualifying the evil boat 11
  11. Silly Season Again:- Oh my, is it silly season again, was it really a year ago that the spending of MYA surplus funds was discussed here or was it an E-mail making the rounds amidst criticism of the MYA Secretary for not responding to the tidal wave of questions and criticism regarding a budget that provided for many thousands of Pounds on promotional materials and training seminars that was never actually issued for RATIFICATION but issue for INFORMATION. Was it really a year ago that the MYA Race officer advocated that the Club he is a member of should not vote on the budget until the MYA Council , of which he is a member, clarified something or other ? Or do I have it wrong once again. Was it a year ago that the Event Profit Share and/ or Event Surcharge were discussed only to end up with both? Oh my, I have got it wrong have I not ; it is a function of my advancing years, excessive smoking, womanising and drinking. One of the problems with something given freely my some is that invariably it tends to have a hidden cost of some sort attached that the donor will keep harping on about or insist upon maintaining domain over for year to come. We forget the army of real devotees that rescue boats from the pond during events, move Marks around, serve hot dogs, tea and coffee, compile entry lists and the myriad of task that keep the Clubs active and Financially Buoyant. We do not have to suffer their introjection; they just get on with it. Surety Bond:- One is at a loss to understand why the MYA Race Officer refers to this most wonderfully PASTIME as a SPORT and under what circumstances the MYA believes that it MAY be required to lodge a SURETY BOND and with whom this BOND will be lodged. Long-term Future:- ‘If we are to secure the sports long-term future’ Is it perhaps time for the MYA to realise that it is indeed the CLUBS and their Members that the MYA is beholden to or does the MYA believe it can exist in a vacuum. MYA Class Captains are a misnomer; The International Classes have a structure, independent of the MYA. They through their World Bodies are represented on IRSA. The Class Associations should be communicating with the MYA on local matters of Event Fixture dates. There is NO need for them to VOTE at MYA Council or be a part of it just as the myriad of Past this and that Officers. AGM Motions:- I am a member of 5 Clubs and at least one of them reported to its members that there was nothing to vote on. Or is there ? Are there NO matters arising from last year’s election of MYA Officers ? What happened to the elected Technical Officer so soon after he was elected. The Technical Report seemed to me to be devoid of what had been achieved and focussed upon what needed to be achieved. Remarkably this is exactly what I publish a year ago as in need of addressing. I believe the Caricature the MYA Race Officer posted last month on this forum in reference to me is better in describing himself. After all he seems to take upon himself the mantle of MYA Promotion Officer banging, blowing a horn and ringing a bell. Silly season will pass and we will get back to racing. Each time we use HMS we will pause and give thanks to Henry Farley for without HMS we would have something else to use and some one else to pay homage to.
  12. PROTEST the Yellow Boat 24 is Peter Moore 505 is me 77 Don Charlesworth 75 Tony Edwards Which of the orange boats ? 11 -me 111 Roger Donkin I think 11 H - I forget
  13. So it’s over - The GLOBAL DF 95 CHALLENGE - for now at least. and:- Did the World of Sailing come to an abrupt stop, apart from watching some of the Live video stream. and:- Was the event sanctioned by World Sailing Federation or IRSA after all. As I previously post in the thread, the careful use of words and selection of Host Country effectively walked around any possibility of infringing upon the domain of WS Federation. But what of the top seeded IOM, IRSA affiliated sailors from at least three countries that participated, will they be reprimanded, fined or banned from IRSA Events or IRSA controlled Country Events. These are all questions that will be answered either in time either by a lack of response or definite action on the part of IRSA What will we learn in the fullness of time? My advise is - don't hold your breath sdsre
  14. I to am a fan of Yellow, Orange and Red. Mine is RED Snag is of the 14 active boats at out club 5 are Yellow, 3 are Orange and the rest Red so you are back to step one trying to decide which Red boat you are. I saw a chrome spray paint o E-bay , sounds like fun, perhaps next years colour will be Black and chrome or Purple sails.
  15. The query was in he RO report. I would appreciate a FORMAL MYAS response so I can close this out . Thank you All document were transmitted I will check and resend if it was not received . Dave
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