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  1. Wayne. I’d love to help you with information from the register but it got chucked in the skip in the ‘90’s. So I only have information from then. I will have a word with Vic to see if he can add anything in. It is in lovely condition
  2. Gareth. The QBL has significant impact on sail area so you can’t ignore it. If you can get the boat “in racing trim” ie:- on the right waterline as the design then you shouldn’t have a problem with sail area. However, I need to say it’s not just the right waterline length it’s sitting on the design waterline. That should bring all the dimensions into the right ball park. On Serica, by the sound of it, the displacement calcs were either screwed up or more likely the builders either pushed or pulled the beam to alter the displacement, or both. This will significantly alter the displacem
  3. If we are being strict about this, if the boat has had a certificate issued in the dim distant past then the hull can be remeasured to the rule applicable at the time of certificate issue. The certificate records will indicate whether one was issued or not. That’s called Grandfather Rights, however the rig has to comply with the current rule. If it has not been certified then it has to be measured to the current rule. There is absolutely no reason why the boat cannot be measured to the new rule however the boat does need to be in compliance with it. In your case it will need a compliant bump
  4. Bill Green

    PRACC 2021

    To All UK A Class Skippers PRACC 2021 You don’t need me to tell you what a difficult year 2020 has been not only in our personal lives but the changes it has brought to society in general, as that famous saying has it “it aint over yet”. Sailing RA class yachts is not exempt from that either. The MYA has been looking in depth at what would have been 2020’s national racing calendar and has come to the same conclusion as most of us. In that there were too many events in a fixed period if time. Also, now with all that’s going on the emphasis has got to be in building up club sailing. Along with o
  5. A Class Racing in 2020 Fellow sailors, it has indeed been a very strange year so far and it is only very slowly getting better. We now need to look at the way forward, which of necessity will be slow, first we need the A’s out on the water at your clubs, if you do not already do it organise regular A Class sailing and racing days, I don’t actually think we can run much in the way of large events for some time and to this end the intention is to cancel the A Class National Championships for 2020, these will now move to 2021 at Manor Park at a similar time of year, we also are intending to
  6. Richard, if you are in the Poole area a call to Peter Wiles at PJ Sails may help you. Peters number is in his supplier banner on this site.
  7. John. No reason not to. You need to ask yourself the question would the gain you make to windward by pointing higher out way the reduced off wind performance. As the majority of a radio course is off wind then the swing A rig will come out best over the course. That’s why the fleet uses swing rigs for A suit. When wind gets stiffer the conventional rigs work better across the range. You may have seen that swing rigs are set more forward in the hull that increases the tendency to push the bow down and fir the boat to trip up and the wind speed increases. The conventional rig is far easier to h
  8. Richard, to add to Mikes last posting, both my current 6’s, which both date back to the ‘80’s and all previous other 6’s of mine have had a fin box and removable fin/ballast. Both of my 6’s are currently competitive, if I can get to start a race without breaking anything that is. That’s a separate tale. The main area where performance gain can be made is in changes and alterations to the appendages. You can’t make those changes easily if the fin is fixed. Obviuously the choice is yours. I understand that yours may be an old boat but when we get back to sailing again there is no reason why you
  9. Richard. That’s a very difficult question to answer there are many variables For instance one design maybe 15kg of displacement with 1500sq ins of sail area. And another may be 12 Kg with 1300. Both would be equally competitive. The rule is very good providing an equal competitive basis for all backed up with measurement. If you want to see what the full rig is like I suggest that you down load the class rule from the MYA website and take a look at the drawings. That should give you a clue and if you need an explanation you can always give me a ring. My contact details are on the SmartWinch
  10. Martin. Please have another look at the manual provided the every new RMG winch and you will see that setup is a two stage process. The first stage is to calibrate the winch to transmitter by knowing what is the full extent of the stick movement. This is a process applicable to the set up of all electronic speed controllers. The second stage of set up is to set the travel distance from the sheeted in position. Once set it remains unless you want to reset up the winch. You can use the transmitter settings as you suggest but that requires knowledge of the transmitter settings that vary from e
  11. You have my phone number on the SmartWinch banner on this site . Give me a ring and I’ll talk you through it. It’s easy, in set up you are doing two things, first you are calibrating your winch to the transmitter so the winch knows what the full extent of the stick movement is and secondly you are setting the travel distance you want. You can also do this through transmitter settings but it’s quicker, easier and repeatable by doing it through the winch. Bill
  12. In view of the rapidly evolving and fluid situation concerning Covid19 Bournville RS&MBC has decided to postpone the event until later in the year. At the moment the club is considering the weekends of the Autumn half term. We will keep you posted..
  13. I may have a vested interest being a supplier of RMG products but I’d be a bit wary of using a servo based winch in an A Class. PJ have an adapted servo based winch that can be used and have been well tried and tested Maybe ok with an IOM and similar but worth second thoughts for anything that has a decent amount of sail. As ever you can always ring me if you want to have an unbiased talk about winch things. My advert regularly pops up on these pages (Smartwinch)
  14. You could try the Component Shop who are very helpful and will fit XT connectors fir you
  15. Dave, the answer to your question is simple, there ain’t any. It’s a piece of kit that has got to do a job and there are many and various types. They come in all shapes and sizes dependent on what you are using it in. Little ones for 36’s, big ones for A’s and anything in between. Roger Stollery published his design and you can ask him for a copy. The Clem Edwards ones are very accurate and easy to use but are like rocking horse p*** to find. Ken Jones made an effective one out of wire and again examples are hard to find. The there are the Fred Shepherd ones, moving carriages, and the Corby’s
  16. Just a quick note to say the RMG switch is IP65 rated, that means it will work in a wet environment but not designed to operate fully submerged. When returned to us it was working but it could not be guaranteed for how long hence replacement was the safe option.
  17. Mark At this moment in time there is no radio match racing for any class. Match racing is used by the free sailing folk as it is the only viable format for that form of racing. In the past the Race of Champions had a mix of Fleet and Match Racing but the event has not been held for a couple of years. At one time Match Racing under radio was feature of the embryonic 6m class as a means of expanding the class but there is no longer any need for it and as such is not in play. I have long advocated the inclusion of Match Racing into the racing calendar but there does not seem to be a will from
  18. An error has been pointed out to me in the Q&A section. The answer to Question 8 says that certificates will be lodged with the Race organiser, this in fact should read "may" not "will"
  19. This was received from Val Provoost and I was asked to post it here by Anthony Hello Tony, I got the thread on the Forum and ploughed my way through it. I have already had conversations with Bill and Peter over quite a time so I amwell acquainted with the problem. However there are several aspects of the whole postings from you as well as Bill and I see that some of the fundamental facts quoted are not correct . Forgive me for embarking on a long text here but I really feel that the whole sport is changing rapidly and if we are not spot on in dealing with IRSA now we will be left wi
  20. The following is addressed to all A Class vane sailors, some of which may have already received and responded to the request to vote on the proposal. It is here to provide clarity and as a request to those that have not yet voted to do so. INTRODUCTION Peter Wiles and Bill Green have been nominated to IRSA by the MYA to a committee to look in to setting up an international class association (ICA) for the A Class. The group is chaired by an Australian, Glenn Dawson. The group has not yet started, but similar ICA's are being set up for the Marblehead and 10Rater classes and of course th
  21. As an owner of both radio and vane 36's I have the following to add to the thoughts. I have no problem with the use of carbon for masts and spars. The class is the only class which is unrestricted except for mast/spar material it is logical to remove this restriction and make the Class free in all respects. This would make it the only class where those with a will and a wish to experiment with different configurations using appropriate materials can do so. I for one would welcome that opportunity to try. For those that sail in salt water there is the added bonus of not having to renew
  22. At the September Council meeting it was agreed that the Ranking points awarded to the IOM National should be increased to 200 points. After consideration and discussion within the Racing Regulation Team it has been realised that this has the potential to create problems for those who want to enter the proposed IOM World Championships in 2017. It has therefore been decided to revert to the pre September scoring of 100 points per eligible event. During 2016 the Racing Regulation Team will review both the scoring system and eligible events, in conjunction as many as we can, so that we can come to
  23. Mark Sorry for the confusion I should have pointed you to my report. It's attached there as the interim version Bill
  24. Mark The calendar is on the Knowledge Base with normal access Bill
  25. The Racing Team received representation from a number of the top skippers to move the date of the Ranking Event to be held at Two Islands in June as it was too close to the European Championships in Spain. Participation at Ranking events is important for those that want to sail at World and Euro levels and so discussions were held with the water users at Two Islands. After that a series of discussions with all affected at the site took place, the weekend of the 28/29 May was the only date that fitted with all concerned. It is a Bank Holiday weekend and we know that's something that is usually
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