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  1. Yes, I think it was an attempt to get a one design class started that never caught on. This thread has prompted me to have a look through some old files, and in an attempt to assist with the original post have located this photo of my Trapper, which I think was the Mark 6 version. This was the final version before it was replaced by the Tracer design. I know my boat was originally registered in 1985 and suspect this photo was taken around that time.
  2. More than happy to publish details of this event on the A Class website https://radioaclass.wordpress.com/ once the NOR is available. Just send the details to AClassNewsUK@gmail.com
  3. The above link has now been updated with the the results from the event.
  4. Sedgemoor MBC are hosting their first PRACC event this Sunday, still chance to enter if you've not already done so, entry is open until Friday evening. Current entry list can be seen here http://sedgemoormbc.org.uk/pracc-event/
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