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  1. So far so good. Due to the difficulty of accessing the top of the tube under the deck I made a small collar to stop the tube pulling through the deck and added epoxy during assembly. Having drilled the bottom the bottom of the tube I put a long pin through that was then glassed to the keel area in the same way other fittings are fixed. Don't think that's coming out anytime soon! Thanks for your help. Cheers Trevor
  2. Richard Sailsetc headsail swivel tube product code TUBEJ under Hull Parts shows the parts and the description that you gave earlier and useful pictures. All ready to go now! Just need to take the plunge with the glue. Cheers Trevor
  3. Richard I see those last few boats have the same system. On closer inspection of my tube I find a ball with a hole located by three dimples a half inch from the bottom. The line was knotted below the ball. I'm wondering if I should install pin instead and loop the line back up to deck level to provide adjustability? Cheers Trevor
  4. Thanks Richard. I will have a go at that in the morning. It seems as though it has been done before as I have a bit of cleaning up to do first! I have looked through a lot of Sailsetc documents but can't find the bit about the line in the tube. Cheers Trevor
  5. I'm a complete beginner to this hobby and on my recently acquired ISIS the tube that takes the headsail boom pivot has pulled out of the hull! Before I glue it back in are there any recommendations as to the best way to set this up? Also any links to web pages regarding the fittings and adjustments of an ISIS would be gratefully received as although my fellow club members are exceedingly knowledgeable and helpful I don't want to be a pain. Cheers Trevor
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