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  1. You could well be right there tiggy_cat Gareth
  2. Hi Paul, I think the winch would have driven a closed loop above the deck with the lines coming from the winch drum, through the deck via the two plastic tubes and round a pulley system on the deck. We have a Marblehead with a similar system, coincidentally also with a Nylet sailwinch. I have attached a photo below, its not as complicated as it looks. The sheets for the main sail and jib would be attached to the closed loop. I guess the aluminium tube is a telescopic main sheet post so that the sheet can be guided to a point just below the attachment to the mainsail boom. On the Marblehead in the picture this is achieved by a rather less elegant sheet metal tower/bracket assembly. Are you thinking of planking the deck or just lining it with ink to give an impression of planking? We have done both and I would probably recommend lining as easier and lighter. I wrote an article on deck lining for the Turning Pole (the Journal of the Vintage Model Yacht Group). If you pm me your email address I could send you a copy. I also looked at your A class on Ebay, but decided the 58 lb A class boat we already have is heavy enough to lug around. Unfortunately I cant identify your yacht, hopefully someone on here will know what it is. Gareth
  3. Gareth

    36R Information

    I have tried putting the hull in our pond with the keel weight in approximately the correct position. The water line came up to less than 10 mm above the bottom of the stem and just on the bottom edge of the transom. On this basis I think the weight will probably be OK after all, provided I fix it in the correct location longitudinally on the centreline. However any advice would be gratefully received. Gareth
  4. Gareth

    36R Information

    I have been given a bare fibre-glass 36R hull which I would like to build as a vane steered model. I have been told the hull is a Jagermeister by Martin Dovey but unfortunately he no longer has any drawings of that design, which is about 30 years old. The hull came with a keel weight which seems to my inexpert eye to be a bit on the heavy side at 3.75 kg. Does anyone have any information on this design or could anyone advise me whether the keel weight is likely to be correct? Gareth Jones
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