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  1. Well if you have, go to the link below and have a go at the rules quiz with boats that actually move and incidents that really happen in every event you enter. https://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/ Just scroll down and you cannot miss it.
  2. Well done John, great read, thanks. Lets hope there is not another lockdown and you can get all those ideas on the water racing.
  3. Birkenhead are back this weekend, sailing IOM, 6 skippers, social distancing, pre-entry, carpark locked after the 6 are in. Not a formal calendar club race but a way to ease us back into sailing.
  4. To be fair, Tim does have a point, the races have been cancelled, at no fault of the MYA but to try and keep us all safe from Covid 19. Not sure about a reduction though, the MYA will have lost an awful lot of revenue due to no race fees coming in but still have pretty much the same expenditure, marketing, insurance, yearbook etc. Probably the same at club level, clubs lost revenue from entry fees, canteen etc but same expenditure.
  5. Getting back to my club history I thought this bit might be relevant- “On 10th January 1940 the club secretary Wm Carpenter sent a notice to members stating that owing to war conditions it would not be possible to carry through the usual club events or fixtures. There was an AGM held in the boathouse on March 16th 1940. A special AGM on May 2nd 1942. Another special meeting on June 6th 1945. Another on 4th February 1946. Then club sailing settled into a routine, with racing on Saturdays again. However I think the lake could be used during the war, as there was permission for members to use the
  6. Derrick, what you upto next Bank Holiday weekend? A space has become available at the IOM Nationals hosted by Fleetwood. I guarantee you will have a great time and learn more in 3 days than you will do in 3 years.
  7. Birkenhead are running a four race series for 65's this year, everyone is welcome. Start 11am-------Finish 4.45 Best 3 races to count. MARCH 17th MAY 5th JUNE 9th SEPTEMBER 8th
  8. Dates below for Birkenhead IOM Winter series races. All welcome, just turn up. 5 best from 7 races. Start at 1pm. £1 Entry November 18th December 30th January 13th January 27th February 10th February 24th March 10th
  9. I think the push for the SHRS system of scoring is because of the 'hot water' that is created by only having one seeding race with HMS and now a few skippers have come up with an alternative system that rids us of this 'hot water' one race shoot out that so often shapes your whole event. The simple and ever so popular fix to this is to revert back to the original 3 seeding races within HMS. Indeed when I asked everyone i could find at the IOM Euros in Garda which was over 30 skippers, only one person was a fan of the one seeding race. I must admit, I did want to sail at an event that used th
  10. Hi Garry, Mandy was owned by Joe Sixsmith of the Birkenhead club, she had a very short overall length if I remember correctly. Dave Potter also sailed her a few times and if I remember on I will dig out a great photo I have of her sailing downwind towards the clubhouse with full spinnaker and Dave in hot pursuit with pole in hand.
  11. Hi Ian, the Britpop! design has been making me look quite good since 2011, the top guys are opting for this design because they want to be the top guys and are not going to be the top guys with slower designs. The choice of winch at the moment is the RMG 280 ES or EF because it is so reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin. When this winch is put inside a dry boat, that is aired between races it will not let you down. The favourite choice of masts seem to be the Pierre Gonnet ones from France, they are light and stiff and come in 3 colours, you can use the off cuts for the main and
  12. On the motion to ratify the class rules, i have really done my best to fully understand the motion and have read Roberts, Rogers and all other comments but am still struggling with ALL the differant wording. On the motion for possible use of a differant scoring system, i am finding this one quite easy to understand. HMS has evolved for many years to were we are today with it, as a whole i like it but the major problem i find is when we changed it from 3 seeding races to just 1 seeding race, for me this is just rubbish, we need to go back to 3 and get rid of the 'HOT WATER' that is your 1 see
  13. Thanks Val, some relevant points from your experience. The MYA have obviously given the IOM class the opportunity to break free from the shackles and to move the class in the direction the owners wish it to move forward. Mike Ewart made a fair point, how do we fill the roles of any NCA when we cannot fill the roles on the MYA council? I for one have absolutely no wish to sit on the MYA council but would be willing to be part of an IOM NCA and i am sure others feel the same passion for there class ,as Keith has pointed out about the DF65 and 95, they had no problem finding 4 skippers to make
  14. Many thanks Chris, could not agree more with Gosport club on these motions. We will get everyone applying for personal sail numbers as they cost nothing. Can you really see the club member that does not travel registering his boat or change of ownership now it costs, I don't think so, it will cause bedlam, especially when the ranking race comes to town and this member wants to sail his unregistered boat in the race.
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