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  1. As you are in Southampton you have access to several very competent measurers living in your area (Gosport, Eastleigh) as well as several situated along the M3 corridor in addition to Tony as mentioned above.
  2. It's always good to have knowledgable input into these discussions and this topic, with the exception of myself, seems to have generated just that. As a slight aside from the main discussion I am a measurer for the M (and 10R and IOM) class and was educated in the pre computer era and didn't gain a PhD and yet I have no problem at all with the measurement spreadsheet. Maybe I am just fortunate to have had excellent training from an experienced measurer and enjoy regular sessions with a couple of other local measurers where we check each other and compare notes. But then training i
  3. This discussion from the IRSA is about battens and not, strictly speaking, sail thickness. Not to disagree with John's engineering analysis it is worth pointing out that the term "soft sail" is defined in the ERS issued by World Sailing as:- A sail where the body of the sail is capable of being folded flat in any direction without damaging any ply other than by creasing. The discussion is laid out on the M Class website so suffice it to say that there appear to be 3 options available with regard to the current batten rules for M and A class yachts.
  4. I disagree, it is only by individuals taking responsibility for their actions and maintaining social distancing/hand washing/small groups only/face masks, etc that we will keep the infection rate low. It is the irresponsibility of individuals who feel they are immune from this or who simply ignore the safety and welfare of others around them that causes the spikes in infection that we are seeing now. Be responsible now and we just may get to have serious competition again in 2021. Be irresponsible and we will be having this same conversation in twelve months time. The choice is yours....
  5. I am sure that there will be as many solutions as there are clubs! At my own club we already have a system in place for the use of the clubhouse facilities by both ourselves and the dinghy sailors. For us radio sailors we will have fixed control positions marked out central to the course to maintain 2 metres minimum separation with a maximum of 10 participants/race/heat. Control positions will be allocated before the first heat/race and then everyone will move one place before each start. To avoid problems on the start line we will utilise a "gate" system with the gate boat being who
  6. This discussion raises two questions in my mind, 1) the phrase "alters course" implies a conscious input from the skipper, should a gust induced lift be regarded as changing course? Without accurate observing from a third party this will always degenerate into an argument with no winner 2) at what point is the ROW boat too close to alter course whilst still giving room? Again this is a judgement call where both skippers involved will have their own (differing) opinion. The reality of the situation is that the give way boat has put himself in a very vulnerable position and is trying to use the
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