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  1. Hi Brad There is no thinly veiled agenda , just an observation, and by your tone it is obvious you cannot take it . So do not try to change the rules " Abide by them " "Male Parta MaleDilabuntur"
  2. Hi Brad Sorry Brad to me it is an "HOBBY" and i can see from your e/mails that it is a totally different ball game for you , that"s fine by me . the question is do you enjoy it??? i doubt it Regards Tickover [ Age Concern Model Club ]
  3. Hi Brad Totally agree on moving forwards and moving with the times etc, but remember some of us "old Wrinkles " have noticed big changes in attitude and consideration for others over the later years. i can remember the days when we had 20-25 members at the pond, now mention racing on Saturday and we have 6, sign of the times. "I am not anti racing far from it ", last weekend our club hosted the TT DF 65@95 event with over 20 boats in each class and it was a fantastic weekend for all,these Ladies @ Gentlemen [ that is correct ] were a credit to model sailing .
  4. Sir Rules are Rules break them and you are punished, quite simple.The black flag is the RO"s best friend for bringing to account those who try and take advantage [every club has them ] of the situation. Pack your sandwiches@ flask, arrive at the venue say "hello" and get on with it and most of all "ENJOY " it, and leave the Rules to those who know best. P S , Just remembered i won 5 Woodbines in 1944 aged 9 my only success in 75 yrs Keep Smiling Tickover
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