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  1. There has been some discussion on the forum about where are all the six metres? I think perhaps an equally valid question is where are all the BUILDERS? Returning to six metre sailing in the last couple of years I have been disappointed at the lack of commercial hulls available, perhaps to be expected when builders can make so much more financially using their time to produce one metres. I think this forum would be a good first place for builders still able and willing to provide boats (to any stage of completion) to get their product known to the six metre fraternity as a good first step.
  2. Mike & Bill, I hope to re-insate match racing for sixes on a trial basis after our Sunday morning fleet racing days for sixes at Broads RYC, it can be a lot of fun and certainly helps remember the rules! I remember the many close races we used to have on boats that whatever their design pedigree are not too dissimilar in performance that close racing cannot be had by all. Alan Bright
  3. Regarding where have all the six metres gone a more pertinant question might be where are all the builders? I have an old John Lewis 'Petrel' design that I will be sailing throughout this year but realise it is now probably outclassed! The trouble is there seems to be a real shortage of builders our there with moulds and willing to market a hull for home completion at a reasonable price. I have planked numerous boats in the past but it is difficult to get a good ballast/weight ratio that can complete with a well moulded carbon/composite boat. i think part of the problem the class has is avail
  4. Mike, You are most welcome as a guest at the Broads, I will let you know our final sailing dates for our sixes and if any other skippers would like to join in please get in touch with me - if demand is high I should get committee approval!! Alan.
  5. Mike, We have at least 6-7 active R6's at Broads RYC and run a series of races thoughout the year for club members. It would be a useful exercise to try and get a response from all clubs on their 6M owners. I hope to be at this years Nationals and try to get a team of skippers from the Broads to attend. Alan Bright.
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