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  1. Hi Shaun, I would just get some glass onto the foam before trying to fair with filler, it will give you a firm even surface to fill and fair. By trying to fill and sand the foam you will only end up sanding more foam from around the patches of filler.
  2. Hi Richard, looking at your picture, one change you could make would be to lower the bulkhead exits so the lines come out below deck level. There is little friction added where the lines rub on the edge of the recess but it allows the kicker to swing free. Also use a kicker with a slim rigging screw. Also from your picture I would say that your jib sheet deck eyes are a little too tall which will give you problems with sheets getting wrapped around them - an easy way to put unnecessary strain on the winch. Cheers, James
  3. GaRRy, what you are proposing has some merits and has been sugested as a scoring system by the Croatians http://www.scor.hr/regate/2014e/SHRS.pdf this would allow two courses but would limit our choice of venues significantly ie, even Datchet might struggle to run two courses. But the bonus is a lot more racing and you would end up battling it out for either a gold, silver or bronze fleet. At first I thought the idea was a bit ridiculous but having given it thought the system does have many benefits. I'm sure the HMS fans might have a few things to say about it though.
  4. I think the district ranking idea sounds OK but in reality you would find large variations in the quality and in numbers racing in the district races. How would you feel if you had been trying to qualify for a Worlds or European championship only to be beaten in the ranking table by someone who you regularly beat at two day rankings but who has scored highly at the district ranking because of a 'weaker' field of entries in their district. It is difficult to see how you could address this with any kind of score adjustment to account for quality or quantity. If you are going to have a ranking
  5. Link to event website here: http://rg65france.free.fr/index.php?page=national
  6. I have looked on the calandar of events but there is no link for online entries yet and we are only two months away from the Nationals! I think that most competitors like to get entries sorted early so that accommodation, transport and various family logistics can all get sorted without having to rush around at the last minute. Given that the MYA has now adopted the RG 65 this year there seems to be little promotion for the class and I'm a little concerned that turnout could be low as a result. James
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