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  1. Having read the recent post by philholiday. I presume we have copies of AGM and EGM minutes so the "occasion on which it was ratified by the membership" that a vote on constitutional change by the membership was not considered important enough to be included in the constitution wording. I think that such a change in the past when people were much more inclined to do things "by the Book" would have produced a similar number of protests to those that are flying around now. These would probably have been by letter and hence recorded as mail received, and noted at an AGM/EGM.
  2. Peoples posts so far include the phrase 'I presume' and uncertain definitions about 'shall'. Proposal should be of a type where there is no room for interpretation and presumption. Absolute clarity can only help.
  3. Hi! You might like to contact a charity called remap. The provide engineering solutions for the disabled, they are bound to have an electronics boffin within their ranks. data@remap.org.uk
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