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  1. John I think disastrous penalty turns combined with damage is about the same as sending the guy ( what if he is the commodore )home in discrace in front of every body. We can do better than that Most humiliating to say the least. I would also call that a" double dip " punishment . Our boat don't have brakes as you know, there are some things in sailing for which we have no control ,say, if you are boxed in . It would be far better to award penalty points for every infraction say Fleet +3 in this case and no body would be the wiser, the race would carry on in the best of harmony we don't do keel hauling , flogging or walking the plank any more penalty turns are not a fair solution to solve the our race course problems we have to be fair and treat every one fairly , after all ,many are our very best friends. I know things can get heated. I have seen a row that lasted and lasted it almost became violent between two competitors who started an argument,( my wife was scoring at the time). The two guys were loudly cursing one another regarding " Proper Course" there were lots of spectators for the " Charlie Harris dec'd fair sailing trophy" after it was over he came over to me and said " Shall I go home " after I calmly explained the rule . I told him to go and apologize to the other . John that event shook me and many others to the bone, John we need to bring some civility back to Model Yachting .The last thing we want is making an enemy of one another over , complicated rules can do that. I will say this till am blue in the face " It is just a game, it will always be a game".
  2. I will be 84 tomorrow . I have been racing for 66 years ,big boats around the cans ; several yacht deliveries ; a major ocean race and while all this was going on racing model Radio Control Model Yachts even till to day. It is a fact of life that nobody like to be told what to do and when to do it. We are not pets. As soon as you wake up there is some body telling you what to do be it religious; political; fraternal ; or the military, this control even trickles on to the R/C race course. It is all about dictatoral control of one group over another. In some medieval times you could loose your head for non compliance, now its two turns. I realize this fact that we are civilized and with out rules we would have to retreat to the jungle. Rules are required for civilizations to live to gather in harmony. You buy a new car , a washing machine ,or a toaster ,all come with rules, which, I doubt that many reads or much less understands . Since the advent of the computer Radio sailing rules are no exception with constant amendments an additions can't they get it right for a change . We have rules stacked on top of rules , all deemed to solve every eventuality on the race course ,what a waste, if many don't read read or understands those rules and give up after rule 18 section XYZ. Many don't read their new car manuals ,some even open a can of paint with out reading the instructions. That's life. By 2030 Radio sailing rules will come in a bound two volume set. with video tutorials catering to the experts. the game of chess is less complicated. I ask, are we driving the very life blood that keep model sailing vibrant away ? Is that what you want ? What are the solutions? as it applies to radio sailing How about I have10 concise , one line, guidelines #11 relates to sportsmanship. The answer. We need our own set of simple rules / guidelines for everybody we all can be proud of. What we have now does not get us to the Olympics. This time I mean it .
  3. I have never agreed with penalty turns, being a humiliating embarrassing plus disciplinary punishment for violations of the rules, as a "Shot Gun" policy, against competitors after so called Race Course situations have taken place , possibly caused by a third party, as described by inatentative witnesses . The accused violator will invariably deny all so called offenses, claiming discrimination among other defensive tools ,such as an accidental or unintentional occurrence available on the play list to place the responsibility on the accuser to "Show Cause ". Self policing of the rules is not a realistic solution, as it's designed to shift responsibility from the referee or scorekeeper to the competitors . Radio sailing rules need to be practical , specific and realistic as they should be applicable only to model yacht sailing and understandable to all newcomers to the sport. What we read on paper and what we actually see on the race course, can be totally different, as the current rules being periodically amended , rarely apply to model sailing yachts. A personal opinion .
  4. Some times I wonder if the rule makers are aware of how the rule impact a sailing event surely they must be be aware when it comes to size of the zone they are dealing with time and distance as it relates to moving objects. In very light air it can take some time to cover 3 or 4 boat lengths, conversely in heavy air we are looking at considerable shorter time requiring quicker reaction time and you may wonder why there are so many arguments, log jams and collisions. Also another problem, I often comment upon is reduced size as it related to boat lengths as seen from a distance, which vary, that being the case the size of the zone will proportionately vary. How can any body effectively determine 4 boat lengths from a shore vantage point of say 120 meters or so, in reality the numbers do not work ,because ,there is no definitive bench mark. I call this the Train tract effect of apparent diminishing rails to the point of a person's infinity as seen at eye level. Should race courses be shorter so sail numbers are visible from a distance? Question . How wide is the clock face of "Big Ben" ? Or How wide does the clock face of "Big Ben " appear to be from a distance equivalent to the height of its clock tower? The two do no appear to Match. There are solutions . Out Law Barging at all markers. Donald.
  5. The problem with packing sailboxes and model sailboat in vehicles regardless of size is : In the event of an road accident , if all items are not properly tied down in place those items can become missiles and cause additional personal injury.
  6. Terry , Greetings the" edit button !" is only shown at the end of your posts, see above . Terry: After you have made your changes Don't forget to repost your article again.
  7. Don't worry, Terry, I have yet to learn or be told how to include pictures.
  8. At a soccer game you can have thousands of supporters all at the top of their lungs shouting abuse or giving different advice. It is called freedom of speech!
  9. At a soccer game you can have 60,000 supporters giving advice.
  10. When forcing another boats off course or luffing other boats as we know it became part of the rules , so did confrontation and consequences became part of racing. "Power over others is weakness disguised as strength".
  11. Hi ! Ian Greetings. We are well aware of the difficulty to get people to run races my wife has played that game for some time, I might add there is a need for beginners /novices support in that department , How else will they learn, you could call it initiation if you want, the incentive one year free dues here, also where we involved the general public, its called participation, you have only to see how the supporters act at a soccer game as they all want to join in. With respect to your comment above " It is hard enough to persuade people to run races now " my solution for that rest at the door step of the clubs management team to provide race support them selves they want the honour and glory then they have to work for it. M's has a cumulative system for recording points , an uncomplicated task for sure. if you can add you can score1 Competitors get fleet plus one for being naughty which is added and done on the spot, quick and easy with the stroke of the pen . At a soccer game Man. vr. L/pool. Get a red flag and you are gone. Ian, I believe that prevention is better than disciplining adults , hence tough points penalties makes competitors think twice ,as the game is all about points as most know when they have breached a rule Enforcing penalty turns, invariably ends up in a fight with the perpatrator pleading innocents , not good ! We have concluded turns are subject to " Embarrassment + Penalty* a double dip . What are we trying to accomplish here ? There is the risk of additional collision and additional rule infractions and the possible inability for the competitor to completed the penalty in heavy weather or under calm conditions , also there could be multiple violation going on at the same time , say at the start line and at turn markers.
  12. Resistance to change and the need to adapt is not new and often misunderstood . I have done enough model and big boat racing too know the difference. I agree that many rules work well for some people but not the majority, there is a need to portray unsuitable rules in a simple form . There are model sailing organization who have adopted a reduced format and simple form of racing guidelines. We should not loose sight of the objective, nobody is forcing clubs or skippers to change their sailing practices, they are entitled to their own prescriptions, however there are simpler and more appropriate solutions to the R/C rule problem . A viable solution could be to reduce or eliminate apparent existing complexity by removing such rules and or simplifying others which are clearly intended for big boat racing , also to revising most if not all rules in simple comprehensible form as presently not suitable for model r/c yacht racing in their present format.
  13. We rarely hear competitors or participants in other sports or compedative activities, Complain ;Debate or mis understand rules pertaining to their respective sports as you may find regarding racing radio control model sailboats. Many sailing magazine and sailing organizations spend a great deal of their time unraveling violations; which occur on the race course with disagreements between contestants ,the executive hold court by apportioning blame ,with a view to make the impossible viable. Many experienced sailor feel obligated to provide lectures and graphic explanations on rules, while others write books on the subject with a view to promoting clarity regarding rule amendments deemed to be progress. I ask this question ,can all this define the sport of sailing as that of gentlemen ? or are catch 22 complicated rules a way to manipulate the out come of an event . We need to bring dignity back to sailing . Recently there have been many advances in model yacht design new classes have joined in the fraternity, speed in the new game in town , we should not take every thing for granted as one major sailing organization complained about the lack of participation, my next questions are what is driving people away , and the other, not attracting new blood to the sport. These are serious questions. As you can see I have not painted glossy a picture, now I am going to hang it on the wall. Time has come ! May I offer these solutions , the rules as we know it , ideally , relate to big boat sailing, section "E" is a referral. We need to create our own un complicated racing rules / guidelines with specific intent, to reduce collisions, suitable for model R/C yacht racing, subject to points penally only, and not embarrassing 360 turns. There has been sufficient advancements in model yacht racing that we should create with justifiable reason our own comprehensive set of rules or guidelines specifically suitable to our type of radio racing in all acceptable and realistic weather conditions. "A man who chases two Rabbits catches neither ".
  14. The topic of colour is beyond fascination never the less very personal , woman in a red evening gown or a woman in a white dress both the epitome of beauty. It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . However with certain industry standard items, color affects the over all appearance and desirability Never the less what look good to one person may not suit another, for example, we just purchased a new car I wanted dark grey my bride wants red and as you can imagine the she won the day, Hey guys" keep the pease" I did not go down with out debate , however deep down I knew that red was the only colour that suited that car, it is the same with any thing color affect the over all appeal . A lady goes into a car dealer ship she was confronted by two identical cars one blue the other green she just hated the blue , so color is a matter of personal choice we all have our favorites ,Sunday Green: Saturday Purple: Friday two year ago Red: Thursdays to compete with Brown's next door:Brown: Wed' and Thurs' can't make my mind up : and now the Monday morning blues. On the side of practicality, White of which there are over 100 shades can have two personalities modern or antique. My dear friend Bikeboy ,I can't choose a colour for your yacht, no body can, it is the bridge you have to cross, and demons you have to face and all depending on the day of the week you chose Friday two years ago.
  15. Anticipation of the inevitable is a sixth sense.
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