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  1. Shaun

    Alternative build

    Disaster avert! Too little epoxy midships ended with the hull in 2 halves, liberal amount of epoxy for the second attempt only to find the mark one eyeball didn't quite have everything aligned as it should (oops!). A cut and shut operation followed with a new 6th section inserted. Now for lots of filler to cover the dents in the foam, bit more sanding then hopefully it'll be ready for a nice coat of glass. A slow burner of a project but I'll get there in the end (hopefully!)
  2. Shaun

    Alternative build

    Having received the plans last January I've finally managed to start on my winter project. I've decided on trying to complete this using the foam / GRP option vice planking as my fibre glassing skills are probably a little better than my woodwork ones . Now the decision is vertical split, hull/deck split, after making a mould or a one piece wrap on the plug I'm sure there will be trials and tribulations along the way but hopefully another Alternative will be hitting the water eventually! All advise gratefully received. Shaun
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