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  1. This is the way I would currently go about finishing a balsa planked hull. It might not be to everyones taste or technique but it works for me. So here goes. Firstly I'd plan to to lay up the FG and apply the finishing coats of resin all in one day. So I'd start early, in a pretty warm environment. I would apply a layer of 180-200gram/m2 of fibre glass cloth to the bare balsa using 3M spray mount to tack it to the hull. Once wetted out ( I use West System Resin) using a credit card and minimum amount of back and forth stroking I'd apply a second lamination of 80-130gram/m2 FG again using t
  2. Hi Mark I've made a couple of composite balsa-glass IOM's and an RG 65. I have a blog of my modelling antics here: http://soaring-sailing.blogspot.co.uk/ You will have to go back a good few pages though. Over the years I have learnt from a few mistakes and some new techniques. I'm just about to go out now but tomorrow I will post a synopsis Mk
  3. Thanks for the clues and explanation Keith Mk
  4. Hi Bil I feel as if the MYA are playing hide and seek. I've had a quick look on the knowledge base and I couldn't find it. Why can't it be posted under Events/Calendar Mk
  5. Hi Bill How does one find, see a copy of the MYA racing calendar? Mk
  6. I've just checked the RCM&E monthly poll on their forum page. During the last 6 days 40 votes have been registered = 187 total this month on a topic of no consequence. We are doing something wrong as the people who fly are generally no different in age, IT, gender etc than us who sail. Regarding the Gooseneck issue I believe if your boat was measured pre March 2015 and the plate exceeds 20mm then it is legally OK. Any boat measured post March then a plate in excess of 20mm wouldn't be Class legal. That is what I have been advised by our Technical Team.
  7. I agree with you Eric. Perhaps a poll on the MYA website with relative links might reach a bigger audience and made the voting a little easier. The RCM&E Forum always have a poll running which helps identify good and bad practices, general trends etc. It's quite interesting and the members often pick the subjects to be voted on. You also get to see the results. Here are the current results for this months poll.
  8. I didn't think it was a joke! The weighting per NA is based on the number of registered owners. I have four registered, measured IOM's to my name. Surely I get a vote per boat? So being lazy where should we look to find some closure in this matter.
  9. It appears that the MYA or in this particular case our Class Captain wants all registered IOM owners to email him with our individual votes. That's not a problem. I have 4 registered IOM's, I'll send 4 individual emails! I doubt it will occur but Vinnie you could be receiving 1082 emails prior to 13th Nov. Joio!
  10. Sunrise and Sunset at Woodsprings
  11. Perhaps a week late but just a quick thanks to Terry and his volunteers for coming to the rescue and delivering an enjoyable weekends IOM UK Ranking racing. Also, Nigel's and Sue's 'Catsails' pic's of the event are outstanding:
  12. Yesterday I maidened my first attempt at designing and building and RG65 (Rebel). Her waterline beam is 85mm and her overall weight is 940g encompassing a fin & bulb 555g and current rig 85g. The 55mm width servo arm sail pulley system works fine and the batteries are positioned under the mast feet on the bottom of the hull. The only slight disappointment is that the transom sits a little lower in the water than I would have hoped. Other than that I'm pretty pleased.
  13. Hi Stephen Burgees on IOM's are fairly rare but jib tell tales are pretty common. As you know, the tell tales can't tell you which direction the wind is coming from but are probably the best remote indication of the wind to rig perspective. At our Club we stick a small windsock in the proximity of the race course to help the members read the wind direction, shifts. However, when there's no wind!
  14. Hi Peter. If I had to travel to all the SW Summer District Events in order to participate at a Ranking Event my total mileage would be 2,056 miles. Even attending the four closest venues would add up to 1,164 miles. Needless to say I can understand where you are coming from but Birmingham (Midland District) and Reading (Mets & Southern District) are the same distance away from me as Yeovil (SW District). So when you mention being successful at District level I hope it will based on perhaps a combined score which could include results from various districts?
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