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  1. If Bleddyn Môn, (INEOS Team UK mainsail trimmer) can sail an AC75 at 40kts with his thumbs then he'd probably be OK in our game. Picture is a bit fuzzy as he's in the background of one of Ben's hero shots.
  2. I think we will give it a go as a club, the savings we make on lake fees can go towards VR subscription. Probably best to try it out on an individual basis before attempting club/regional/national competition. If someone with an MYA address can successfully request access then maybe something can be trialled. As two-thumb sailors we might turn out to be quite good at this.
  3. Does anyone know if the offer of free VIP passes to enable club competition for RYA affiliated clubs was extended to the MYA? It seems Virtual Regatta may provide some means of keeping clubs interested and engaged while we are away from the water. As a fee paying branch of World Sailing seems we should be on an equivalent level to RYA clubs. https://www.rya.org.uk/Pages/virtual-regatta.aspx
  4. Rob, sorry for the initial basic reply I'm sure you know all of this but I thought I should cover all the bases for all readers searching for info on this. Attached is a manual for this winch downloaded from the Spanish RC shop iomdw.com. The manual shows connection and rating but makes no mention of any programmable features. At the end I list a translation of programming which may or may not help. The connections are the same as the RMG Smartwinch; power on the larger red & black which should be made using a decent battery connection such as a Deans , JST (JST RCY 2 pin)
  5. It is with regret that the decision to postpone EDCS1 The Belton Trophy scheduled for Sunday 16th February has been made. The safety of competitors and their equipment is paramount so the BSC lake at Heybridge will be closed at the weekend. All entrants will be notified directly when a new date for this event has been arranged, the notice of race will be listed on the MYA event news four weeks before and competitors should submit a new entry once this becomes available. There have been those in favour of racing and those against; whilst racing should reward those who are well prepar
  6. We have voices in favour and against postponement with one abstention. I'd tidied up the pavilion...
  7. We are consulting with entrants about postponing this event due to the severe weather warning issued by the Met Office. There are two factors to consider; the predicted wind and gust strength make this a test of survival rather than one of tactics and race craft, and the likely control area is in a poor condition due to the saturated ground and further rainfall resulting in a heightened risk of falls on the banked area. The CRYC race team are keen to hear all opinions before we send confirmation to entrants by 5pm on Friday 14th on whether to proceed or postpone. This information
  8. The Eastern District IOM championship series starts again on 16th February 2020 at Chelmsford RYC lake in Heybridge, Essex. CM9 4SD Online entry is available via the MYA events form to all members with a certified IOM boat or you are welcome to get in touch directly. Entries are accepted on the day but it's easier to send the form so that emergency contact details are available as encouraged, and less rush on the morning. Non racers are also welcome to observe, get some tips or just find out more about us. https://mya-uk.org.uk/event/ed-belton-trophy-edcs-1/ The entry fee is
  9. Good luck to all entrants so far, but there is still time to enter and if you are prompt you can enter on the day. Be prepared to supply emergency contact details if you have not provided them using the online entry. Many thanks to our travellers from Eastbourne, Cambridge and Harwich. https://mya-uk.org.uk/event/ed-oliver-lee-trophy/ So far there have been no sail number clashes so our stock of vinyl 1s looks safe but numbers are allocated on a first come first served basis. The weather should start bright and crisp with a little low cloud, temperatures are about average, co
  10. Online entry is now open for The Oliver Lee Trophy for IOMs hosted by Chelmsford RYC. Click Here Chelmsford RYC is pleased to celebrate the life and career of renowned designer Oliver Lee with their annual open event for International One Metres. This is a full day event on the first Sunday in January falling on the 5th in 2020. The last few years have seen quite a keen fleet from across the district and further afield with the rock stars and veterans locking out the medal positions but with close scoring throughout the mid-fleet. After a 9:45 briefing racing starts at 10am and will c
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