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  1. Once again the Council is in a rush and it is not clear why, just a few days to reply to a major change in the Councils stance on the constitution EGM is hardly fair to the membership. Also going for an EGM for ratification is a take it or leave it attitude the 2020 AGM would allow more time and also give the Clubs /Members an opportunity to comment. The work to date by the council on the Constitution provides a reasonable document that requires polishing . Robert Hobbs
  2. Under AOB at the AGM on the 30 November the discussions concerning the proposed changes to the Constitution we were assured plenty of time would be given for discussions by the Clubs. I am concerned that these Council revisions are being pushed forward in such a haste without time for the Clubs to gain feed back from their members and then reply to the MYA Council.. At the AGM there was conflicting information ,from the council as to what and when and how much work had been completed by the Council , now it is finalized and Clubs have over Christmas and the New year to respond. I do not think this is acceptable. Robert Hobbs
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