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  1. Hi John If my two grey cells remember correctly. There was a revised drawing issued where Graham moved the mast position forward. I'm sure Graham will be able to clarify. Damian
  2. Thanks for organising Shaun. Pictures and a couple of videos on my Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/damian_yachting/albums AugBankHols_3263
  3. For me Brad's statement that I've quote above summed up the starts for the Saturday. It was good fun on the Saturday racing in big winds and big waves but it wasn't for the faint hearted. Although having said that from a personal point of view it took me a couple of races to get the hang of racing in such conditions again and trying to always see the bigger picture of the race course as it unfolded. Some say that Marblehead's are the pinnacle of radio sailing (that be why I had a smile on my face after Saturday) but given the conditions there was quite a breadth of skipper ability (eyesight, boat control to name but two factors) and as such a little leeway might have saved a few incidents. Personally I'd rather have extra standard goes at starting, giving me the ability to be anywhere on the race course during the final minute and not have the extra disproportional penalty if called over by a black flag. Black flag penalty in my eyes is too stiff a penalty compared with - someone catching me on the start line doing a penalty and then catching someone else and doing another turn but still possibly staying up.... Damian
  4. It looked like it was mainly skippers using Futaba gear. I used to have issues when sailing near the swimming baths with my IOM many years ago when I using Futaba. No issues this weekend except for the idiot on the sticks turning left instead of right.
  5. I'm up for a weekend in the Midlands with the RA. Ideal practise for the 8 Days of A Class @ Fleetwood Vane Week followed by the RA Nationals.
  6. Hi Brian Looks like a Starkers from Dave Creed. Enjoy sailing her.
  7. Many thanks to the host club and the many helpers - you had very trying wind conditions but made the tough right decisions to suspend sailing when you did. On a personal level I thoroughly enjoyed myself - need to make a new gooseneck and main boom to suit the boat for the last couple of events this year. My first ever win in A fleet at the RA Nationals - tried a few times!!! As Derek says above, come get your RA's over to Fleetwood. Many thanks Damian
  8. Many thanks Fleetwood for hosting and keeping us skippers who have to work up to date with each days proceedings. It was good so see the varying designs and the fact that several new boats were on show for the first time. Damian
  9. Last sentence from Peter I'll add my agreement to Peter's statement and Mike's original statement that Peter was answering. When Council originally wanted to make the Acquaint available to all members, it put a resolution to the Members at the relevant AGM (quite a few years ago) to increase the subscription from £5 to £11 (think I've got the right figures if my memory serves my right) to cover the added production costs and postage of three issues per year to all members. So in my opinion if Council sees it can not fulfil the above then the percentage of the Acquaint should be removed from the affiliation fee. If Council wishes to use large volumes of cash in other ways of publicity/promotion of our sport/hobby, then again these ways should be put to the current membership. A certain proportion of the current membership may feel that they will not benefit from a certain approach and wish not to vote for Council to follow this approach - all very hypothetical, but democratic. Council desperately requires an editor of words to ensure the correct tone of voice is portrayed across all it channels. I suggested Council pays for these services if we had no volunteer - regardless if we were to produce a paper or digital communication. So if you know someone in or outside of model yachting who you think could help the Association, please contact our Chairman. Damian Ackroyd Northern District Councillor
  10. Totally agree with Roger regarding the luff lengths. I have in my possession several A class boats covering the the extremes of displacement and limiting the rig could start to affect how we design boats in the future. In 20 years of A boat sailing I have not put my boat on the water on two occasions due to the conditions in my bumble option were too dangerous not to either me or the boat but more importantly to someone else if I needed help in launching or retrieving. A minimum luff would not have made a difference in either situation. A heavy boat of 16Kg will be able to keep a larger sail (therefore quite possibly a longer luff) than a 12Kg boat in the same wind. Therefore me with a 12Kg boat will not be able to sail when the wind picks up, or everyone has to stop sailing just because one boat can't sail. If the others were allowed to keep sailing and I wasn't that would be gross unfair and therefore would start to limit the design of A class boats - why sail a lightweight design if there is a danger you will be stopped from sailing. Even though the lightweight boat with its small rig would be safer to handle in and out of the water than the heavier boats. Sail area marked on each sail. Pointless, we have the measurement bands on the mast, booms and deck. If the sails are inside these, then at first glance everything should be OK. If you want to get finer then you have to measure the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 widths, having a total area does nothing. What might be useful is to have the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 measurements printed on the sail at the approx position, but you've still got to get your tape measure out to check them. You still need the certificate with you when check measuring the boat an an event. We may use different combinations of sails to make our rig for specific conditions, such as sailing No1 Jib with No2 Main. Both have to be within the rig measurement marks and the quarter widths have to be within the largest sail. Multiple certificates could be useful for a boat that can be dual rated as a Vane and Radio boat. The radio may have a lead ballast of 11Kg and a waterline of 1250mm, but then swapping to a heavier ballast of 13Kg and a waterline of 1280mm does make it possible to go sailing in two events without the added expense of two hulls. Having just been involved in the designing of an A class boat. this principle was one we were considering. Although due to the wish to optimise both hulls, we have gone down the more expensive route of producing two complete boats. I agree a boat should not hold two certificates as a radio boat or 2 as a vane boat this would be crazy for the race officials. Damian A boat skipper and measurer.
  11. I'd agree with Garry as I only saw that the vote was taking place via the message on the front of the MYA website. Could we not in future utilise the website forms in much the same way as the "MYA Questionnaire" and "Vane Sailing Questionnaire" both did.
  12. Alan asks a very good question regarding "Where are all the 6M builders?" I still have the mould and am willing to build John Taylor's "Drisky" finished to deck level for potential new 6M skippers who can't get hold of a boat. We actively pushed the design several years ago and had quite a few interested skippers but only a handful of boats were ever been built, two of them have ultimately gone abroad and are not within the UK fleet. When we first produced the design the class was up against a resurgence in the RA fleet. I have an unfinished hull that I built for myself and still aim to produce this for the 2014 Nationals. I notice that several builders have removed their 6M option from their product ranges over the last few years. I believe, but might be wrong that Mike Clifton's moulds went to a club for club building - best to contact Mike who will be able to point you in the right direction. Regards Damian Ackroyd
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