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  1. Hi Michael Totally understand your words above, and it's been echoed by others many times. As Darin states above the TO is in the midst of addressing the measurers ability - will result in fewer measures but hopefully fully trained. Side effect for most owners is that they will have to travel further and cost substantially more than it does currently to get their pride and joy measured. I don't know where you live but taking a guess somewhere close to Liverpool/Manchester. I live in Huddersfield and as the the Northern District measurer I'd willingly meet you half way, take your bo
  2. I'll eco Derek's words, it was a very good weekend with plenty of space with skippers up on the grass bank and the crabbers on the concrete. Challenging shifty conditions was an understatement, Derek did a sterling job in setting us the best course he could in the conditions. You forget how tiring two days of sailing can be - but highly enjoyable.
  3. Hi Richard Take look at the pictures of the 6m Drisky and the RA Sir Percy on Taylormadeyachts.com for pictures of trim tabs on these two yacht designs. If you're planning on using a trim tab, remember to reduce the surface area of the fin to get the best performance. Regards Damian Note: personal interest in the above as I'm the builder for Tailormadeyachts
  4. Today saw a first for the 6m class - a plastic 6m to the SeaBird design by David Hollom and built by me took to the water. Plenty of you will have heard the chatter about digitally printed yachts, though we'd do something a bit different and produce a 6m yacht. The hull, keel, rudder and gooseneck arrangement are all digitally printed, a few bits of resin and glass tape reinforce a few bits like the fin and mast step box to the hull. Once built she was primed and sprayed just like any other hull I've built. SeaBird will be competing in quite a few of the events up and down the country i
  5. Hi John If my two grey cells remember correctly. There was a revised drawing issued where Graham moved the mast position forward. I'm sure Graham will be able to clarify. Damian
  6. For me Brad's statement that I've quote above summed up the starts for the Saturday. It was good fun on the Saturday racing in big winds and big waves but it wasn't for the faint hearted. Although having said that from a personal point of view it took me a couple of races to get the hang of racing in such conditions again and trying to always see the bigger picture of the race course as it unfolded. Some say that Marblehead's are the pinnacle of radio sailing (that be why I had a smile on my face after Saturday) but given the conditions there was quite a breadth of skipper ability (eyesi
  7. It looked like it was mainly skippers using Futaba gear. I used to have issues when sailing near the swimming baths with my IOM many years ago when I using Futaba. No issues this weekend except for the idiot on the sticks turning left instead of right.
  8. Hi Brian Looks like a Starkers from Dave Creed. Enjoy sailing her.
  9. Many thanks to the host club and the many helpers - you had very trying wind conditions but made the tough right decisions to suspend sailing when you did. On a personal level I thoroughly enjoyed myself - need to make a new gooseneck and main boom to suit the boat for the last couple of events this year. My first ever win in A fleet at the RA Nationals - tried a few times!!! As Derek says above, come get your RA's over to Fleetwood. Many thanks Damian
  10. I'd agree with Garry as I only saw that the vote was taking place via the message on the front of the MYA website. Could we not in future utilise the website forms in much the same way as the "MYA Questionnaire" and "Vane Sailing Questionnaire" both did.
  11. Alan asks a very good question regarding "Where are all the 6M builders?" I still have the mould and am willing to build John Taylor's "Drisky" finished to deck level for potential new 6M skippers who can't get hold of a boat. We actively pushed the design several years ago and had quite a few interested skippers but only a handful of boats were ever been built, two of them have ultimately gone abroad and are not within the UK fleet. When we first produced the design the class was up against a resurgence in the RA fleet. I have an unfinished hull that I built for myself and still aim to pro
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