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  1. That port starboard on the final leg must have been a bit of a buttock clencher at 40+kts!
  2. If you notice there's a mouthpiece attached in easy reach in their clothing. Result of the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of Andrew (Bart) Simpson
  3. I use Musto Helmsman gloves from my cruising boat. I don't get on with a muff, so only use one in wet weather. However, it doesn't look like Musto make them anymore...
  4. It's probably an Xbox or Playstation style controller - and it's cabled...
  5. Absolutely agree with John... it's a faultless system... I dip kitchen roll in the solution wipe around the deck opening and go from there. You don't have to leave as long as 24 hours, if it's in the warm a couple of hours will do
  6. It's true that you cannot gather to race, but there is nothing to stop two individuals from meeting out doors for "recreation"
  7. Excellent way to spend some time...
  8. Without trying to be pedantic, that is what I said... There are too many people who believe they won't be affected by the disease, as they are young. Someone in my village was infected and hospitalised for 6 weeks. He had sepsis and two strokes, before being released from hospital. He was 31 and fit before the virus. There is much rumour that pubs and restaurants aren't taking names and contact details, and not providing "Covid Safe" environments. Combining the "it won't affect me" with the previous sentence, there is little chance in my opinion that we will be doing much differently unti
  9. Individually we have zero chance of "beating this thing down". Its transmissibility is phenomenal, as can be seen from the upticks in cases in numerous places around the UK and the rest of the world. The only real hope is that one of the vaccines works...
  10. I'm afraid that's a poor excuse. It should be simple to prioritise the important issues to be dealt with. Basic principle of management
  11. I'm afraid I find the MYA seriously lacking in Covid 19 guidance. As of today, local cricket is allowed with constraints, and that has been due to the governing body working with the government to come up with safe ways of playing. As for the RYA guidance, the applicability to radio sailing is very tenuous. Surely as our sport's governing body, the guidance should be coming from MYA rather than the resounding silence we are currently getting, with the major focus being on the changes to the constitution. Will that encourage the development of the sport? I doubt it. What about giving clubs
  12. 6 is the maximum number of people in England that can meet outside. You need to look at the restrictions in Wales
  13. According to Graham Bantock's card that he sells: A rig 0-10deg heel, 2deg rake, 10-30 deg heel, 1deg rake, more than 30 deg heel 0 rake. B rig 20+ Deg heel, 2 deg rake C RIg 20+ Deg heel, 4 deg rake... Oh how I wish he'd stated it in mm of forestay length...
  14. I had a "proper" sized Oliver Lee boat- an Anderson 26, and he knew how to design a pretty and quick boat...
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