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  1. Correction. to contact information. Tel 01769540263, email nigelD31@gmail.com
  2. The Ellipsis, GBR4540, with hull less than 6 months old and because of CV restrictions, sailed less than 12 times (All fresh water), is in virtually new condition. The hull, unlike most Ellipsis is made from a fibre glass mould and fitted with RMG sail winch and Hitec rudder servo. Most fittings are Sails Etc or Potter Solutions. The fin, bulb and rudder are Dave Creed and at time of writing yet to be put in water. The boat will be supplied with an A rig fitted with Nylet scrim sails, which whilst not new are perfectly adequate for club sailing. Sail numbers are personal numbers, but can be
  3. Darin, thanks for the update/clarification of the situation.
  4. I agree, a very disappointing response if reason. At very least we should be lobbying the RYA so that anything they might achieve takes into account radio sailing. If 22 amateur sportsman can stand in a field, then I see no reason why more than 6,if socially distanced, should not be able to do the same by a lake. I note that latest MYA Newsletter showing clubs returning to sailing has a picture of 7 sailors and an 8th chair (taking picture?). Does the MYA condone this?
  5. Is the MYA doing anything to campaign to get our numbers currently limited to 6 in England extended in the way that organisations such as cricket have?
  6. Initially we limited sailing to 2 members, then when Government ruling allowed 6 people to meet, limit to 6 members from a rota of all members. Sailing can be on multiple days a week if membership numbers necessitate. All boat rigging 2+ m apart. When sailing usual social distancing, no handling other peoples boats, transmitters etc. When sailing every member has to launch / recover min 2m apart and once sailing remain in a picnic chair min 2m apart to prevent walking when racing. All social contact minimised, but again usual distances. Yes there are members of the public walking around,
  7. North Devon Radio Sailing Club have been sailing within Guidelines since 21st May.
  8. Further to Phil’s proposal, in order to maintain skippers distancing during excitement of race, suggest all skippers to be seated in picnic chairs spaced 2m apart. Chairs position to be drawn for first race, then moved along 2m every other race, to ensure all get favourable positions. If bank is steep chairs could be in 2 or more rows to allow more skippers to have favourable positions.
  9. North Devon RSC have acquired an old ISIS IOM yacht hull, which we want to use as boat for new or prospective members to use. Unfortunately our small membership (9) do not have any spare rigs. Anybody got an unwanted A or B rig that they would be willing to donate f.o.c. to the club? We would of course pay for shipment or collect.
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