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  1. Ripon Sailing Club, RC Yacht section returned to RC Sailing on Wednesday 10th June, the clubhouse remains out of bounds with the exception of the WC which has a one in one out policy managed by a revolving status sign, hand washing is supplemented by alcohol gel dispensers in key areas around the site. We are lucky in that access to the clubhouse/wc is via an automatic door, removing a potential touch point and providing easy access. We have placed 6 numbered control stations on the lake shore set just over 2m apart, helms are allocated a start position and then move on to the next numbe
  2. I use this version, direct from vapextech or you can get them from Mike Weston, both can also supply a suitable charger https://www.vapextech.co.uk/batteries/radio-control/receiver-packs/66v-1600mah-life-rechargeable-battery-vapextech-sq/ Its not a hard task to solder your own XT60 connectors but of course you do need a soldering iron
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