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  1. Terry Connell

    Lintel MMX

    I'm still hoping to find a Lintel MMX, latest version, for sale. Complete except for receiver. New or used. Terry Connell 01323505001
  2. I have a Vauxhall Insignia estate type car in which i can carry,flat or on it's edge,several IOM sail boxes.However,possibly needing to downsize and go to petrol instead of diesel do you have a suggestion for a smaller car that can carry my IOM sail box with the the passenger seat folded. Regards to all, Terry
  3. Hello,After completing all the windows correctly,as far as I am concerned,no Captcha is shown for me to enter.When I click on submit I'm told that I haven't entered a captcha! Try again,it says.I have and nothing works. Anybody have any suggestions?I'm using an iMac 10.11.6 or a MacBook Pro. Terry
  4. Hello John and Darin. Thank you for clear responses to my first question. Regarding my second question.Supposing that I am clear astern and on the same starboard tack as a boat clear ahead and we are approaching a mark to be left to port and we are both on the lay line; a port tack boat attempts a lee bow tack on the vessel clear ahead of me and in so doing forces the starboard boat to go above close hauled but as he has sufficient weigh he is able to continue on starboard and round the mark.The starboard boat does not protest correctly,says something like "you shouldn't do that" and continu
  5. Are any competitors allowed to call that another boat has broken a Rule?
  6. I believe that an observer should and or must call when he notices a contact between two, or more, boats,between a boat and a mark and a boat that is premature starter.Are there any more?All these infringements should be noted in a book. Also may a competitor call when he sees a Rule infringement such as contact between boats,touching a buoy or not sailing the correct course? Thanks.
  7. Hello all, Sorry I made an error in that I typed "stern" when I should have typed "bow" in the previous message.It makes no sense at the moment. (I can't find the edit button!)
  8. Hello Garry, Thanks for your reply. However,the Case B2 that you quote does not apply to the incident I have in mind as there was a protest from just one boat.Though other boats were in the melee none of them made a protest therefore the offender had to do a only a second penalty to satisfy Rule E4.3.The distance to the gate marks was so great that I doubt that any observer could have made a fair judgement. If you consider an incident where a Port tack boat touches the stern of a crossing Starboard boat so that the S boat is pushed above close-hauled and is slowed so much that the P boat ga
  9. An incident occurred recently in a RC race,at a distant gate, where confusion reigned and one boat,in a bunch, was accused of hindering another to such an extent that the wronged boat emerged from the gate area in last place whilst the supposed offender was third.The accuser insisted that not only should the offender complete a penalty turn but should drop back behind the impeded boat. Rule E4.3 b states "if the boat gained a significant advantage in the heat or race by her breach despite taking a penalty,her penalty shall be an additional One-Turn Penalty." I understand that it has become c
  10. Sorry about the delay. Alec's gallery is here, https://get.google.com/albumarchive/108431081494404841940
  11. Watching the recent videos of the IOM Worlds in France I noticed that on several occasions when a port tack boat was ducking under a starboard tack boat,on a beat to the windward mark,the starboard boat immediately tacked on to port as the port boat was crossing her stern and subsequently the now windward boat sailed,fell,down on the the leeward boat causing the ducking boat to make further drastic course alterations. I believe that Rule 16.2 forbids the original starboard boat to interfere with the ducking boat. Am I right or wrong please? Another point; if a port tack boat is,say,just cro
  12. Hi all,Does anybody have a URL for Alec's sailing photos,please?
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