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  1. Complete ready to race Diamond in very good condition with three Sailsetc. rigs in a wooden sail box. RMG winch with preferred Graham Bantock Modified deck mounted drum. Futaba rudder servo. Dry boat with current UK measurement certificate following import from Australia. Boat supplied with aluminium boat stand and Futaba Tx and Rx. Also supplied with two boat batteries (LiPo) with XT30 connectors and a LiPo compatible charger + additional basic charger for Futaba Tx batteries. Only selling to make room for new boat. Can be viewed and trial sailed at London Model Yacht Club, Kensington observ
  2. Price Reduction: Asking Price Now reduced to £1100.
  3. Competitive 10 Rater with 3 rigs. Imported from Australia where the boat won National Championship. Re-measured and certified in UK. RMG winch, Futaba rudder servo. Can be seen and sailed at LMYC Kensington, London. This Lincoln McDowel design is ultra narrow and is particularly quick in lighter conditions. No Tx, Rx or batteries but otherwise ready to go. Price to include stand and compartmented sail bag. £1250. Call Colin Harper on 07717517271 Oe email me at qq.cdharper@icloud.com
  4. I like the solution put forward by Phil. One tweak might be to allocate the gate berth to the boat finishing (say) third in the previous race. This approach makes the rotation of fixed positions slightly more complicated but avoids the potential of intimidating novice sailors from having to operate as gate boat. Also, in some clubs where there might be a significant boat speed difference between the top and other sailors you would also avoid the probability of the faster boats taking the gate really early, overtaking the gate boat and going “loose cover” on the fleet. Apologies if I have spent
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