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  1. Eight of us wish to match race: AlanA, AlanD, AlasdairR, AlastairW, IainD, CaptainCodblow (MarkH), PeterM and Saltire (DouglasR - me). The plan is for 4 to race in 2 pairs on Thursdays at ~1.45pm then 3pm - in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines. IainD and AlasdairR both have marks. The races will be run along the lines of the attached "ladder" format. It is suggested that 3-5 races are sailed, by mutual agreement. We'll see how well it works... If you want to sail please post here on the forum before midnight on Wednesday(s). I'll then post a cunning plan by 10am on
  2. Match Racing yesterday: AlasdairR 3:1 SaltIre (DouglasR). So Alasdair is one up in the series - if there is one!
  3. AlasdairR has just alerted me to this: I don't think we can continue to meet at Rhu and race as we have been...
  4. Start time is confirmed as 2pm. I'm not sailing today so somebody needs to collect the marks from IainD. I should be back next week.
  5. Racing scheduled for 2pm on Thursday, or 1pm and 3pm if more than 5 sailing. Let me know if you are coming. Edit: I won't acknowledge every post otherwise the thread will end up huge! I get them e-mailed to me also...
  6. Wow - a blast from the past! Just turn up on a Thursday afternoon at either 1pm or 2pm - depending on number of participants. Remember your hand sanitiser and lifejacket... We are following the Scottish Goverment Guidance that individuals from up to 5 different households can meet outdoors. We haven't yet had more than 5 since we resumed racing, but if we did it would be 2 groups with Group A at 13.00 - 14.30 then Group B at 15.00 - 16.30. I'm co-ordinating things on IainD's behalf and posting the start time on here by 10am Thursdays - so post before midnight if you plan to sail so t
  7. 2pm start time is confirmed. The rain might stop.
  8. Iain is coming tomorrow with the marks. John Mason hopes to sail.
  9. Racing on Thursday 3rd September at Rhu - 2pm for up to five; 1pm and 3pm if 6 or more. Post here before Thursday if you plan to sail.
  10. I aim to be at Rhu ~1.30pm, collecting the marks from Iain's en-route. If it is ****ing down I might stay in the car!
  11. Racing scheduled for 2pm at Rhu for up to 5 of us - forecast is for light NE wind and rain... At present only Alan & I are registered. Post here if you want to come. Not sure where the marks are - Iain might have them. I will enquire.
  12. Racing at Rhu on Thursday - starting 1pm or 2pm. Post here before Thursday if you want to sail. Thanks. Edit: Just to add that I'm counting myself in!
  13. I plan to sail this afternoon. I have C & D rigs. Windy App
  14. Racing today, Thursday 20th August, will be at 2pm. Participants: IainD, Alasdair (OOD), AlanD, John Mason. One more could be accommodated but you need to book by posting here - first come first served. Spectators are invited to do so from the pier - as long as racing isn't from there. Alasdair will post here if there are any changes. Weather forecast is for 15knots from the south, with gusts of up to 30 knots.
  15. The MYA guidance on the Resumption of Competitive Sailing is attached, and an extract from the current Scottish Government COVID-19 guidelines is below. Sailing at Rhu Radio Lasers needs to comply with both. Since we have a maximum of five people sailing during a session, it does. How many people from other households can I meet outdoors? From 10 July people can meet in groups of up to 15 people outdoors, from up to 5 different households, including your own household. We are still advising people to stick to 2 metre distancing from people in households other than your own. You
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