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  1. Result from today, Thursday 17th December - Win for DouglasR vs AlasdairR by 3:2. No change in the order of the ladder:
  2. Result from today, Monday 14th December: Win for AlanA over DouglasR by 4:2. No change in the order in the ladder:
  3. As a result of today's match, DouglasR moves above AlasdairR, leapfrogging IainD who hasn't raced since 19th November and has withdrawn from the ladder. Consequently, AlanD moves above him. The updated ladder is below.
  4. Result from today, Tuesday 8th December: Narrow win for DouglasR vs AlasdairR in gusty/variable wind. Updated ladder to follow.
  5. Result from Friday 27th November: AlanA beat AlasdairR. The order in the ladder remains unchanged - again!
  6. Result from today, Wed 25th November: DouglasR beat AlanD. No change in the order of the ladder. Both are able to challenge IainD. AndrewB can challenge both. AlanA and AlasdairR are due to race at 1.30pm on Friday. Result to follow...
  7. Updated ladder - AlanD's win had disappeared. He is 3:1 not 3:0.
  8. PeterM has very kindly, and not unreasonably, let me know that due to the current COVID restrictions he will be unable to race until next year. I have updated the ladder to take this into account:
  9. Racing today: AlanA beat IainD and AlasdairR beat DouglasR The order in the ladder is consequently unchanged...
  10. No matches have taken place over the weekend, but I've noticed an error in the ladder I published on 10th November. AlanA beat AlasdairR and moved above him. I inadvertently moved IainD, who didn't race last week, above AlasdairR as well - that was incorrect. Apologies. The corrected ladder is below:
  11. Today's planned racing, results to follow: 12noon: DouglasR vs PeterM - win for DouglasR 1.30pm: AlanD vs AndrewB - win for AlanD 2.30pm: AlasdairR vs AlanA - win for AlanA Updated ladder: Members are invited to challenge those one or two places above them in the ladder, avoiding "rematches".
  12. We've been following the Scottish Government COVID-19 guidelines, resuming RC Laser racing in groups of up to 5 sailors (members of 5 households) suitably socially distanced from July or August and for the past couple of months match racing in pairs - members of two households. MYA guidance inevitably comes out some time after we've changed our own practice! At present we have different tiers of protection which if you know where you live are quite clear.
  13. Only one match has been sailed in the past 10 days: AlasdairR 4:1 IainD yesterday The updated ladder is below - the order hasn't changed: Suggested matches this week: AndrewB and AlanD are racing at 1.30pm on Tuesday. AlasdairR vs AlanA DouglasR vs IainD or PeterM. I'm happy to sail two matches... The weather looks better on Monday/Tuesday than it does thereafter.
  14. Here's the updated ladder dated 28th October, taking recent events into account: - AlanA beat DouglasR last Wednesday. AlanD/AndrewB postponed their match last Wednesday due to rain as did AlasdairR/IainD last Thursday due to the weather. - Yesterday, Tuesday 3rd November, AlanD/AndrewB tried to race but no wind. AlasdairR/IainD abandoned their race after IainD hit weed and his boat ended up ashore.
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