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  1. Thanks @tiggy_cat, duly amended! Great observation!
  2. 10 Rater class, "Diamond" design. As of 14/07/2020 boat has been sent away for professional hull respray. Designed by G. Bantock, Sailsetc2.com, UK and built buy Boatsetc.eu/en, Germany 2017/18 This is a full race spec boat with carbon hull, fins, rudders and masts. Currently among the top fastest designs in the world. 4 x A, B, C and D rigs. All good, except for A rig mainsail in ok condition. B, C and D rigs are shroudless and A rig has quick push/catch shrouds. Full MYA 10 Rater Compliance Class Certificate and rig setup spe c sheet. Light air carbon fin. Latest carbon rudder with LEX (Leading Edge Extension). A rig bag and 3 slot B, C and D rig bag. Does NOT come with stand or TX or RX. 07919 088518 nickennion@hotmail.com Also listed on eBay at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283940463783
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