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  1. Bill, Sorry first of all that I missed this years Nationals, I had completely refurbished my boat, purchased new sails and radio gear, but the weekend before had winch problems! So roll on 2015 when I hope to come with a new boat that is working - with a new winch! As you know I was regularly on the match racing circuit more years ago than I think we both wish to remember. My experience was one of tight races, sharpening of racing skills and knowledge of the rules. As well as great banter between skippers. It was noticeable that in a match racing scenario wooden boats were at less of a disa
  2. I think there is a very good case for wooden boats to have a separate trophy at the Nationals. I think this could be justified more on the grounds that it is so difficult to build a wooden boat even to a modern design that can consistently compete with a carbon hull. The problem is that even a planked boat might make use of moulded components i.e. fin / rudder / radio tray - see the problem! I am currently looking to build a 'Romanza' in wood to replace my 20+ year old 'Petrel', with moulded components, would this qualify in a separate category? The answer might be to have a 'classic' divisio
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