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  1. Many thanks Douglas. I would like to sail this Thursday if there is a place for me but realise we only have 4 spaces so happy to wait my turn if others keen to have a go. I cannot sail the following Thursday (8th Oct). I discussed with Iain a proposal we arrange to leave marks in a box/tub at the marina subject to the marina manager's approval. Regards, Alasdair
  2. I would like to sail this Thursday afternoon please. Alasdair
  3. Radio Laser sailing today starting at 2pm: I have rung the marina and spoke to Fiona - they have a concern about wind today. She checked and indicated we should be OK. If you look at the 'Windy' app which I think the marina use - you will see there are a range of wind strength predictions. Best to bring C & D rigs I think. I will ask you to confirm best phone contact numbers when we meet for 'track & trace' purposes. Remember to bring your sanitiser and life-jacket. Regards Alasdair
  4. I confirm I wish to race tomorrow too. I will keep an eye on this thread for further information on numbers/groups. Alasdair R
  5. Well done Douglas. I have now registered which was quite painless! AlasdairR
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